Restricted Online Casinos in Croatia

Gaming roulettes were always popular among the fans of gambling and thrill seekers, and Croatia is no different. The local gaming business developed very fast despite the difficult political situation in the country.

Operating a casino was almost no different than the factory management. Actually, people who worked in the gambling establishments were their owners. That is, casino was owned by bartenders and dealers. They addressed almost all the financial issues– for example, the repair or increase of staff salaries. Show more

Who ruled the casino?

Currents laws In 2002 a new law was adopted in Croatia (which is valid to this day). This law introduced very complex rules, according to which the government can run the gaming business. However, there is also another aspect: if necessary, the State may give this right to any commercial organizations (after granting them a special license).

The licenses are divided into two kinds:

  • seasonal;
  • permanent.

Such permission is valid for up to 10 years. Sometimes, it can be extended for 5 years, but in this case you’ll have to obtain the agreement of Government bodies and the approval from the Ministry of Finance.

Every casino must have at least 7 tables and the cam footage. Cameras record the numbers of balls and winning tickets, all pranks and watch the rooms where chips are exchanged for money. Every player must go through the identification procedure. You can’t enter the gambling house wearing a uniform. People under the age of 18 can’t visit the establishment. If the customer greatly worsens his/her material condition because of the game without understanding it, the management has every right to ask such player to leave the establishment or restrict his/her access to the certain game halls.

You can’t bring any technological means which gives you an advantage over casino.

Due to the clear and detailed legislation, gaming business in Croatia is developing steadily and confidently, and the main merit of the local government is the fact that they managed to keep the gaming industry of the Soviet past.

Most local institutions work from 16:00 to 04:00. Beachwear, casual or sports style are not allowed.

There are 3 gaming establishments in the capital. The most popular and luxury establishment is Club Casino Vega. All the rooms are furnished strictly and tastefully. Casino includes a great restaurant, where you can try very delicious dishes, and the number of games is really impressive. You can also find the gaming roulettes in Casino Miro, Grand Casino Lav, Casino Hotel Parentium. The true fans of gambling will appreciate these establishments. Show less

# Online casino AffGambler RatingWelcome bonusReviews 
1 Big Apple5.12
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    2 PlayFrank4.88
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    3 LadyLucks4.40
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    4 Casumo4.24
  • 200% up to €501 reviewVisit
    5 Fika Casino3.69
  • 50% up to £5000 reviewsVisit
    6 Reel Vegas3.41
  • 100% up to £1000 reviewsVisit
    7 Spin Fiesta3.29
  • 100% up to €2000 reviewsVisit
    8 Touch Lucky3.27
  • 200% up to £500 reviewsVisit
    9 Jackpot Mobile3.23
  • 200% up to £500 reviewsVisit
    10 Jackpot Paradise3.15
  • 200% up to £500 reviewsVisit
    11 Northern Lights3.02
  • 100% up to £1000 reviewsVisit
    12 Mr Slot Casino3.01
  • 100% up to €2000 reviewsVisit
    13 GameBookers2.90
  • 100% up to €3330 reviewsVisit
    14 Vegas Mobile2.69
  • 200% up to £500 reviewsVisit
    15 Mr Mobi Casino2.63
  • 100% up to €2000 reviewsVisit
    16 The Sun Play2.49
  • 100% up to £1000 reviewsVisit
    17 Swanky Bingo1.88
  • 500% First deposit bonus0 reviewsVisit
    18 MobbySlots1.58
  • 100% up to £2001 reviewVisit
    19 Raging Bull1.09
  • 200% up to $1500 reviewsVisit

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