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Can You Actually Win at Online Slots?
By guruazarta Feb. 21, 2021 17 comments

Some gamblers might be skeptical about online slots. But there shouldn’t be doubt that they can actually land you some wins. As long as you play in legitimate casinos and…

Online Casino Sites: Which One To Choose?
By guruazarta Feb. 14, 2021 0 comments

There are lots of casino sites out there, and they all offer different levels of entertainment, safety and trust. Gamblers need to make a difficult choice picking the right operator….

Highest Paying Online Casinos. Choosing Gambling Sites With Best RTP Settings
By guruazarta Feb. 07, 2021 1 comment

Player opinion about a particular online casino largely depends on their personal experience. When lucky, they have a positive impression. But if they don’t win the satisfying amount of money,…

Everything You Should Know About Licensed Online Casinos
By guruazarta Jan. 31, 2021 1 comment

When comparing licensed casinos and those that don’t have any license, the choice is obvious. But acquiring permission to operate doesn’t automatically make them honest and fair. Players still should…

What’s the Difference Between Local and Pooled Jackpots
By guruazarta Jan. 24, 2021 0 comments

Progressive jackpots are something every gambler would love to hit. Thousands and millions of wagers all contribute to a single prize pot that can grow to a mind blowing size…

Responsible Gambling Tools. What Are They and How To Use Them?
By guruazarta Jan. 17, 2021 2 comments

Gambling can only be fun when people play responsibly. Otherwise, it can become a problem with potentially devastating consequences. Voluntarily or forced by regulations, casinos today offer certain tools that…

Casino Secrets. Tricks Online and Land Based Casinos Use To Earn More
By guruazarta Jan. 10, 2021 3 comments

Bright and immersive games aren’t the only instrument casinos use to attract and retain gamblers. Operators have various tricks to make you play longer and spend more. There are well…

How Casinos Cheat Players and How to Avoid Rogue Operators?
By guruazarta Dec. 27, 2020 0 comments

It’s very easy to launch and run rogue online casino. Scammers get no license and don’t have to follow any regulations. Add to that cheap software and you can imagine…

Top 5 NetEnt Slots With the Lowest Volatility
By guruazarta Dec. 20, 2020 0 comments

Slot volatility, aka dispersion or variance, is an important characteristic that hugely affects player experience. Most novice players don’t know it’s as important as RTP. Together these characteristics can give…

How to Play Virtual Reality Casino Games and Where to Play?
By guruazarta Dec. 13, 2020 2 comments

Online casino offers some exciting opportunities and fully immersive virtual reality is one of them. Some of you might not know, but SlotsMillion casino introduced VR gambling back in 2015….

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