Casino Secrets. Tricks Online and Land Based Casinos Use To Earn More

Bright and immersive games aren’t the only instrument casinos use to attract and retain gamblers. Operators have various tricks to make you play longer and spend more. There are well known “secrets” brick and mortar casinos use. But they aren’t alone as online operators have their own methods to keep players busy and earn higher profits.

Land Based Casino Secrets

The longer players stay inside a gambling venue, the more profit they bring. Therefore, the ultimate goal of all casinos is to make their guests lose track of time. No windows and clocks is a rule of thumb. Nothing should remind players of the outside world and time.

To keep players awake and fresh, casinos pump oxygen into their halls. Alcohol and exciting atmosphere serve the same purpose. Floor plan is another trick physical casinos employ. Everything is designed the way visitors won’t see exit. On their way out gamblers will have to bump into lots of cool staff that will test their will again and again.

Visual and audio impact isn’t the only way of keeping customers inside and immersed into gambling. As one research shows, even smells can make you play more. Spraying certain fragrance around slot machines resulted in 45% more bets.

Online Casino Secrets

Unlike land based casinos, online operators can’t use elaborate website designs to keep players away from exits, offer alcohol, pump oxygen or spray fragrances. But they are armed with their own effective tools.

One of the greatest player concerns is that online casinos are able to manipulate game results. But that isn’t an issue once you know how to tell the difference between fake and original games. Original, licensed games come from independent developers that never give operators access to their game codes and it’s impossible to tweak return to player.

Casinos Won’t Let Gamblers Go

The biggest secret online casinos have is their internal guidelines. Officially all operators claim to be fair, responsible and caring for their players, but to maximize profit some of them choose to play dirty. While you hear them say good and responsible things, their staff is instructed to keep players spending whatever it takes. And this isn’t just an assumption, but a proven fact.

Some gamblers complain that casinos ignore their requests to activate self exclusion or close account. Instead, they are told that it’s too early to leave and good luck is just around the corner. This is exactly what BetVictor customer support was instructed to act according to their internal documents the casino accidentally leaked. There casino openly said that support operators should first try to talk players out of blocking their accounts.

Journalist Goes Undercover

In February 2019 Daily Mail journalist went undercover to infiltrate Bet365 customer support and find out what really goes on there. He got there as a customer support trainee and first thing he noticed was the high level of secrecy.

Employees weren’t allowed to discuss anything outside the building and weren’t supposed to even disclose their position within the company. Each room was closed and could be accessed only using ID cards, allowing the company to track employees at any time. Documents have to be destroyed after use and computer screens can’t be left unlocked once employee is more than a meter away from it.

During the training the coach made disrespectful comments toward low wager players. That’s what casino’s true nature can be – greedy and disrespectful. However, there must be operators that truly believe in treating players well and responsibly.

Terms and Conditions

Reading casino T&Cs you can sometimes unearth lots of dark casino secrets you won’t enjoy. This is especially true when dealing with operators licensed in weak jurisdictions like Curacao. Casinos can reserve themselves the right to reject payments with no good reason or set individual withdrawal limits. Lots of staff that aren’t out there in plain view is hiding in this document players rarely read.

Adjustable Slot RTP

The same slot can have different return settings. That’s happening within land based and online casinos. Adjustable return to player (RTP) is becoming increasingly popular with slot providers as casinos want to have a choice. Developers would have two or more versions with different RTP. Each casino would then pick what version to offer their players.

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