Blacklisted Online Casinos – Avoid Rogues

When we said nothing could be worse than not getting success which you deserved because of a technicality, we were wrong. There are two things worse: zombie apocalypse and dishonest casinos. While we can’t help you much with the first (remember:headshots), we can certainly make sure you’re not getting caught in the trap of handing your money to someone who’s been lying to you all along. Check the blacklisted online casinos.

How Does That Work? While we find that generally there are more good people than bad in the world, there is always that one who ruins the day (if you’re lucky and it’s not a year) by letting you down. It’s even worse when they work in clusters, which is what happens when bad people get together in a team to minimize your chances of a successful outcome.

There are a few bad apples, however, the online gambling community is a small one and, fortunately, in this niche, investing a lot into starting this business and going through all the trouble of getting off the ground is not worth getting found out. Rumors spread fast, which means that if someone is out there doing something they shouldn’t, they get found out pretty quickly. You already know, if you’ve been keeping track of our articles, about the importance of feedback.

One of the reasons it is important is because it creates an opportunity to blacklist certain casinos that have been known to pull any number of dirty tricks. You can’t be too safe, as we always said, which is why we are listing the casinos we know about here so you can say a resounding no to them when they offer their dubious services.

Blacklisted Casinos: The Guys That Say They Have A License

And they don’t! License is extremely important. It takes a huge deal of effort and money to get one, and, once you do get it, you have to constantly be audited and renew the license you have to make sure you keep on track.

Licenses mean tons (and we mean literally tons) of paperwork, miles of paper trails, and huge spending. A legitimate license means that the government pretty much vouches for a casino, which is why it’s hugely important that it has one. It logically follows that if a casino makes out that it has one and it doesn’t, you’re in big trouble if you decide to join. If they’re lying to you about this, fasten your seatbelt.

Blacklisted Casino Sites: The Guys That Use Unlicensed Software

You know that by law casinos are required to have software that complies with a long list of limitations and regulations. Some casinos just decide it’s too much trouble, so they don’t. That means that not only are those RNGs are anything but R, if you know what we mean, but also that there are a whole plethora of issues you don’t know about, so joining that blacklisted casino just means throwing your cash out of the window.

The Guys That Fake Licensed Slots

There are a few gains to be made by industrious types who present unlicensed slots as licensed. For instance, you can present demo free slots that give out huge winnings, and then when a user joins, they don’t. Well, there are a lot of things you can get out of cheating. Sooner or later, however, the blacklisted casino makes one mistake, and they’re all done. The irony is that they lose much more than what they would gain by cheating, of course, but sometimes dishonesty is the best policy…not.

The Guys That Delay Payments

That one goes without saying. Getting to the finish line, winning, and then getting stuck! Beat that! Nothing spells disappointment clearer than people that hold on to your money when you won. Whether they delay payments or just plain keep them, they make it onto our top blacklisted online casino sites. Karma is a bitch.

Casino Sites Don’t Pay Out Using Excuses

That one is one step worse. There are people who take you for a ride but at least they have the dignity to just disappear. The others, however, keep pretending everything is fine, and this time the blame is on you. It’s not them, it’s you. Well, we think it’s them. Which means they get blacklisted.

The Guys That Have A Lot Of Bad/Unresolved Feedback

We have conveyed to you in the past that we compile a list of complaints, which should be resolved by casinos within 100 hours. If they don’t, their reputation goes down. Well, there is a special place reserved for people who keep collection lots and lots of bad rep and don’t seem to want to do anything about it.

The truth is, even though sometimes luck is not on your site, if you’re a business owner, at some point you should be able to turn things around. The people who actually have colossal amounts of reviews on websites and forums all over have earned it (as sad as it sounds), and, just purely because there is so much of it, make the list.

In The End

We mean it when we say customer satisfaction is at the top of our list, which is why we constantly monitor and reflect on the feedback given by our clients so that everyone can enjoy safe, sound, and good-natured fun.

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