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Here there will be lists of casinos sorted in accordance with currencies they support

Different currencies in different casinos seem like an alien concept to you? It was the same with us until we learned how much money can be made on currency conversion. Then it made sense: having different currencies around can net a business huge revenue out of thin air.

We’re citing casinos listed by their currencies so you can minimize your currency troubles, get to grips with the system and hopefully find better use for your money than giving it away to strangers for machinations that they have themselves created a need for in the first place.

Before We Start

While a few years ago people have been quite cautious about using bitcoins in casinos, now they are a now a legitimate currency. We just have to warn you that that is a type of currency that is not directly tied to tangible goods, which means that its value can change quite drastically as it is regulated only by the demand for it. So watch the stocks closely and diversify your funds. JoyCasino, MarathonBet, Casino X and many others use it, however, so – green light all the way.

Why Does That Matter?

As a rule, currency is chosen at the point of registration. Choosing currency can be a tricky business, just like everything else to do with finances. It may seem that the amounts are not that substantial, but if you multiply them by the number of users you’ll see that a lot of money can be made even on the most peripheral aspects of online gambling.

If you’re stuck with a casino that only accepts currencies you don’t have, you’re in doo-doo. So what do you do? We have already mentioned that when you join you are able to choose the currency you want to operate in. By the way, when you choose  that option, you may not be able to reverse the decision, so carefully monitor what you’re doing.

Right now, Euros are the most popular currency, so we advise you aim for them by default. And we also warn you to avoid casinos that give you only one currency option, because they probably have their friend in mind who runs the conversion fees hub.

The reason why we offer this list is to ensure that you always know what you’re getting before you start. It helps to have a good plan before you start – and then a Plan B. In immortal words of Hannibal from The A-Team, we love it when a plan comes together.

It is also a good idea to stick with one currency just so you don’t get any unexpected shocks. The familiar terrain is a good idea most of the time.

Consider Yourself Warned

Thankfully we live in a civilized society (we think!), so we can’t really imagine ourselves in a situation where we end up in an unfamiliar land where people refuse to accept our dollars because they’re just paper to them. Really bad scenario though. It’s a lot like that with currency conversion and unfriendly casinos. We already told you about the dangers of bitcoin investment: everything is still in beta-testing, and hackers get their lucky breaks every now and then, which means no-one is really guaranteed to be safe. It is the same, however, with banks and other financial institutions, although to a lesser extent. But what are the dangers of currency conversion in general?

  • When you go for currency transactions, besides from the obvious problem with having to pay for them, you are also still sending your banking details to people do not know and have no reason to trust. Your financial data going out there means more exposure and more risks.
  • Currency course floating up and down also has an effect on your finances (although if you’re lucky it’ll be a good one).
  • If you have a payments system in place and you need to convert currency you may come across industrious types that will offer you “competitive rates” for sending money from one system to another – that could come up to 11% or even 16%. That goes on top of the conversion payment.
  • Currency conversion means additional calculations, which makes keeping track of your finances more difficult. That is especially important if keeping track of ingoing and outgoing cash flow is a matter of principle for you because you’re trying to prevent a gambling addiction (read our advice on responsible gaming).
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