Can You Actually Win at Online Slots?

Some gamblers might be skeptical about online slots. But there shouldn’t be doubt that they can actually land you some wins. As long as you play in legitimate casinos and can enjoy original and not fake games, you get fair chances of winning.

can online slots pay

There isn’t much difference in what slot you choose. It can have any number of reels pay lines, or mechanics. They are all designed to do the same thing, which is take your money and return some of them back.

All players get a chance of winning. And even though some of the huge win news are fake, that doesn’t mean online slots industry is a one big lie. Decent casinos always offer fair chances of winning. You just need to make sure casinos are legit and games are original.

The understanding of a win varies among gamblers. For some it’s any paying combination slot can offer so even the smallest amount would do, while others aim for much bigger amounts. Small payouts can land quite frequently, especially if you play low volatility titles. When it comes to big wins, you’ll have to spend on average more time and money to get one. The bigger expected amount the lower your chances of hitting it.

For instance, if you want wager $1 and just want to get $1 on top of that, this goal will be very easy to achieve in around 10-20 spins. But if you aim for 1,000x your bet, that will definitely take much longer than that.

Original Slots Offer Fair Chances of Winning

There are a lot of fake casino games. Some gambling sites are filled with fake games, while others mix them with originals to better hide their scam. Visually these aren’t always easy to tell apart, but there’s a way to tell for sure. You need to check where the game loads from. If the address matches official supplier’s server address, the game is original and can offer fair chances of winning. Otherwise, the game is a fake one, and you can have no doubts that its return can be adjusted.

Which Slots Can Pay? Volatility

All slot machines have different characteristics, and one of the most important of them is volatility/dispersion. It shows how slot payouts are spread on a distance. Extremely high volatility means less frequent winnings, but higher potential. In this case players can have a quite long losing streak, but at the same time land a huge win. While extremely low volatility means frequent but smaller payouts that are spread quite evenly so that spins don’t drain your balance too fast.

You can experiment with playing different volatility games if you don’t know your preferences. This characteristic really makes the difference when it comes to player experience. Depending on volatility level and player risk aversion, gambling sessions will or will not be satisfying in terms of how much you win.

Another important factor is slot RTP, which is theoretical return to player. The higher this is number the better. But players won’t feel the effect of RTP being slightly different as true RTP only gets close to theoretical one in the long run after making millions of spins. That’s why when considering slots winnings it’s better to first of all pay attention to volatility rather than RTP.

Slots That Give Higher Chances of Winning

Of course, those titles that have higher RTP are designed to return more, but that won’t necessarily be true to a single player. Given other characteristics are the same, choosing 98% over 90% RTP slot is rational. But when it comes to smaller difference like 1% or 2% it doesn’t really matter which one to choose as you won’t feel that difference even in the long run. You might think that you feel the difference, but that would be a false impression. A particular player can get 20% actual return while another gambler 300% while playing the same online slot.

Can You Win More Using Betting Strategies?

No, that’s against the random nature of the casino games. Strategies can be used if they make your gambling experience even more exciting, but they will never make you win more. If you think it works, that’s just because you haven’t used it for long enough. Keep implementing that strategy to break this illusion.

Casinos That Offer Highest Paying Titles

As long as casino is legit, it doesn’t matter which one you choose as they all give you equal chances of winning. But keep in mind that there are slots that have different versions with different RTPs. That’s absolutely legit as each version gets certified.

There are many suppliers that adopt multiple RTP strategy and those that are against it. The difference in theoretical returns can be too significant to ignore it. That’s why you should check game files to make sure you play the version with best return.

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