How Casinos Cheat Players and How to Avoid Rogue Operators?

It’s very easy to launch and run rogue online casino. Scammers get no license and don’t have to follow any regulations. Add to that cheap software and you can imagine how many rogue casinos are out there. That’s why every player should know how to spot them.

Blacklisted Operators

Check our blacklisted operators and make sure you don’t sign up with one of them. Keep in mind that this isn’t a complete list, and there are many more of them. Some of the scammers are very successful in promoting their brands so it isn’t quite obvious whether they are legit of not. But usually they are easy to spot with a smaller selection of games and rather cheap website design.

How to Tell If a Casino is Rogue?

You don’t have to be an experienced gambler to see the difference, being a little bit more cautious and paying more attention to details is enough. First thing to do is to check casino license. All casinos must have at least some kind of license. If there’s no license, don’t even consider signing up with the operator.

Usually license information is located at the bottom of a page. All you need to do is click the jurisdiction icon or a link that should take you to a license verification page that confirms the status of the license. There are some tricks rogue casinos use to fool players, and one of them is setting fake verification pages. Learn more about how to check casino license to know these tricks.

How Rogue Casinos Cheat Players?

Fake Software

Another obvious scam casino sign is the collection of games. Licensed operators buy games from legitimate providers. Their games can’t be manipulated and produce random results. Fraudsters get fake games that look similar to originals, but with adjustable return to player. That means casino can decide how lucky or unlucky players are going to be. These fake games are sold in bundles and can cost a few hundred dollars making it an attractive business for some unscrupulous individuals.

Operators Mixing Fake and Original Games

Keep in mind that some licensed casinos can be rogue too. Most of the times they deliberately stall your withdrawals, use their crooked terms and conditions to refuse big win payouts. But some of them go as far as adding a number of fake games to the collection of originals. There are several recorded cases of operators doing that, so you need to be aware of that practice.

It’s sometimes hard to spot differences between fake and original games visually. But there’s an easy solution. When suspecting foul play, make sure a game you play loads from the official developer’s server. Learn more about how to do that.

Problems with Withdrawals and Verification

Read player reviews and complaints. If casino seems to regularly stall withdrawals and confiscate winnings with no reasonable explanation, that’s a bad sign. Operators can have license and original games, but if they stall withdrawals to make players spend more, they can never be trusted. Unfortunately, sometimes players have to learn that hard way when few or no player reviews are available.

The problem with this type of casinos is that they get their license in jurisdictions with weak control over the integrity of the industry. Most popular of them is Curacao. Basically, Curacao licensed casinos aren’t overseen by any regulator and players can feel that. Some operators run honest and responsible business having Curacao license. But some implement shady practices.

There are several master license holders that issue sublicenses to any operator that meets their low standards. And Antillephone is the only one of four master license owners that seems to be responsive to player complaints.

Rogue Casino Terms and Conditions

Sometimes when players accept casino T&Cs, they give operators the right to treat them unfairly. That’s why you should pay attention to what you agree. The price you’ll probably pay for being careless can be high. Jurisdictions like Curacao do not demand fair terms and conditions, and some casinos are happy to leave some loops they use to rob gamblers.

You might be giving rogue casinos the right to set personalized withdrawal limits. You’ll never know the limits they could apply to your account. That can be $100 a day or even a month. What’s most ridiculous is that you won’t be able to object as you agreed to that when registered your account.

How Scammers Lure Players?

There are different methods they can use. Some of them buy player data from other casinos or get any data bases that can provide potential gamblers. Then they send spam emails offering attractive bonuses. Those operators with bigger budgets can even have their own promo videos that are usually distributed with pirated content.

Another alternative is to attract players that are looking for ways to cheat or hack casinos. These people want to get rich fast and often can be considered easy prey. Scammers sell them secret strategies that guarantee wins or methods to cheat or hack a particular casino. But most of the times, when they are revealing some sort of “secrets”, they just want people to sign up with the casino using their affiliate link.


It’s very easy to avoid rogue casinos. Just pay attention to operator’s reputation, read terms and conditions, check the license and don’t deposit large amounts of money when unsure if casino is legit. Ignore amazing promos they might be offering, as they have zero no value unless casino is honest.

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