Online Casino Sites: Which One To Choose?

There are lots of casino sites out there, and they all offer different levels of entertainment, safety and trust. Gamblers need to make a difficult choice picking the right operator. But there are some things to keep an eye on.

how to choose casino sites

How to Choose Reliable Casino Site?

When possible, always choose casinos licensed in solid jurisdictions. If you reside in a country where online gambling is legalized, first thing to check is the list of your local operators. If for some reasons you don’t like them, there are options available for international players. Malta would be the first option as it has good reputation and keeps players protected.

UKGC is one of the most popular and reliable gambling regulators. UK licensed casinos shouldn’t accept players from other territories, but they do anyway. So you still can enjoy one of the safest gambling environments even from the outside the United Kingdom.

Curacao would be your last resort as this jurisdiction doesn’t control much the industry and has earned a bad reputation. However, some brands registered there are recognized around the world and they can offer great gaming experience.

Gambling Operators That Have Multiple Licenses

There are casino sites that have more than one license. They definitely earn more trust as they are believed to be controlled by several regulators. But the number of licenses doesn’t necessarily mean greater protection as players from different countries basically access separate companies, even though the brand is the same.

The problem with multiple licenses is that players falsely feel safer. More licenses don’t mean greater protection and higher level of integrity. It means players coming from different countries are protected by different jurisdictions. Suppose casino has two licenses, Curacao and UK. Gamblers outside UK might think that they will be addressing issues to either UK regulator or Curacao, when in fact they are protected by Curacao only, which isn’t what they expect.

How to Tell Online Casino Site Is Rogue?

There are visual telltales of rogue casino sites and usually these are quite obvious. According to one of the industry people, casinos pay at least $5,000 for a website development. Rogues aren’t likely to invest that much money and prefer cheaper alternatives. These are typically very primitive websites with lots of ads popping up everywhere. But keep in mind that some of them might have a pretty decent design.

Rogue gambling sites often have names that are similar to some famous gambling brands, including land based operators that do not have presence in the online. Scammers would try to convince players that they are official brand representatives and are completely legit.

The best way to tell if an operator is legit or not, is to look at their games and license. Check if games are original and casino has a license. Some operators pretend to have a license, when in fact they don’t. To find out who is lying, you just need to check license validation page.

Casino Rating

It’s always good when casino sites are all listed in one place and ranked. That way it’s easier to evaluate options and make informed decisions. But you shouldn’t trust any resource as ratings can sometimes be far from objective.

In our rating there are only licensed gaming sites sorted by their level of reliability, convenience and entertainment. Each operator gets its rating automatically based on casino characteristics such as license, player reviews, collection of games, payment methods, etc. Reliability is one of the main factors, but isn’t the only one since top casino sites should offer fun and convenient experience.

What Are the Consequences of Making a Bad Choice?

Delayed or cancelled withdrawals are the most common concern, and that’s exactly what happens when players aren’t careful enough. Licensed gaming companies with low level of integrity won’t be outright rogues, but they can cheat here and there to maximize profit. Some withdrawals might get processed instantly, while others get rejected and delayed without any good reason. For instance, players are asked to submit verification documents multiple times. While waiting for days to get account verified, many players lose their money as this type of casinos don’t lock withdrawals.

Another excuse operators use to justify cancelled cash outs is multiple accounts accusations. Casino can legitimately hold winnings, but there are times when players just don’t break any rules and still get punished. There’s no way for a gambler to prove that they don’t have multiple accounts and scammers know that.

Bonus abuse is another good reason for canceling withdrawals. Players are not necessarily breaking bonus rules, but just unaware of them as they don’t read terms and conditions carefully. Moreover, operators usually don’t specify what exactly they consider bonus abuse, and sometimes accepting two promos they credit themselves is considered abuse.

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