Restricted Casinos in Norway

Norway has one of the most stringent legislations concerning gambling, not only in Europe, but all over the world.

Taking into accoungt that Norway is not a member of the EU and therefore does not fall under the pressure of European legislation, there is no prerequisite for the state’s weakening of the monopoly on gambling. Today in Norway there are only two game operators that offer the full range of non-forbidden gambling: Show more

  • Norsk Rikstoto – horse racing, both offline and online.
  • Norsk Tipping – lotteries, sports betting, poker, keno and scratch cards.

There are no offline casinos in Norway, they have never been there, and in future they are not going to be build. Gambling and lotteries in Norway are governed by three laws: the Lottery Act, the Games Act and the Betting Bets Act.

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Beginning in 1990, Norway had very liberal legislation regarding gambling machines. Private operators could place them in public places, such as grocery stores, bars, hotels, gas stations. In 2002, authorities began work on the limitation of slots, and in 2003 the Norwegian parliament granted the exclusive right to use slot machines in Norway to state-owned company Norsk Tipping.

This law took legal effect in 2007 with the condition that the profit will be directed to charitable purposes. The profit from slots is an important source of income for sports teams, humanitarian organizations and other organizations of this kind. The main reason for the creation of this monopoly was the Norwegian authorities called the desire to prevent and combat gambling by more effectively ensuring compliance with age restrictions and better supervision of the market.

The situation with online gambling looks much worse on paper than in reality. If you follow the letter of the law, then everyone looks deplorable for Norwegian players. In Norway, there are only two licensed sites that are allowed to gamble: the site of Norsk Riskoto allows you to bet on races, and the site Norsk Tipping offers lotteries, sports betting, poker, keno and scratch cards. However, many players from Norway play unlicensed foreign sites every day without any problems.

Hundreds of gaming sites around the world are happy to accept Norwegians – with their incomes. The situation is the same as in other countries where there are laws prohibiting online casinos, but they are not being executed. Show less

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