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Moroccan casinos is the territory of contrasts, perhaps, like everything else in this country. Despite Islamic traditions, on the streets here you can often meet a girl in jeans or a short skirt than in a traditional dzelaba. The same situation is with gambling. The Koran strictly forbids Muslims to visit the casino, but state laws permit, as a result – most of the players are local residents, among whom there are enough women.

Amateurs to try their luck meet among all layers of the population – from princes and other VIPs at VIP tables to dubious personalities whose incomes are probably lower than those of casino staff. The convenient location of Morocco attracts many tourists from European countries, and in the surf season hunters for a big wave come here from all over the world. Show more

In the pompous, oriental luxury interiors of the casino, there is a special democratic atmosphere. Moroccans are very passionate and emotional, react violently to any gain and loss, while they are rarely aggressive – rather, childishly spontaneous. Loud noise, screams and disputes between players are common here, which makes the casino look like a real oriental bazaar. What to do – these are the specifics of the mentality.

Expats (hired employees who came from another state – Ed.), as a rule, work in the casino, so at the tables people speak English and French, sometimes Spanish, and less often Arabic. Bets are made in Moroccan dirhams (10 MAD are approximately equal to $ 1). In cash you can easily change any currency, and at the gaming tables only local money is accepted.

There are 7 casinos in the country, located in four cities and each of them has its own peculiarities

Agadir, recognized as one of the best places on the planet for surfing, despite its modest size, accommodates as many as three gambling establishments.

The largest and most visited of them is the Atlantic casino with the five-star Atlantic Palace Casino & Resort. Thanks to a large range of rates and a convenient location, the tables are sold out every day. No doubt, this is the most Russian-speaking casino in Africa. More than 90 percent of the personnel are from Ukraine, Russia, Moldova and other countries of the post-Soviet space.

The casino is open around the clock, there are about 300 slot machines and 15 gambling tables. The minimum bet is 20 drams per room on roulettes and 50 on cards; Maximum – 1000 in the number on the VIP-roulette and 5000 on the blackjack. There are 6 tables in the poker room, where people play mostly in Texas Hold’em, sometimes in Omaha. Every evening small poker tournaments are held, with an entry of 500 dirhams. Twice a year major international tournaments to 15 tables with a prize pool of more than 1,000,000 dirhams are held. The main contingent of the casino “Atlantic” is beach tourists, local and foreigners. VIP-players are very few. At poker tournaments world-class professionals are often present.

Another casino in Agadir is Shem’s Casino. It is slightly smaller in size. There are 15 traditional gambling tables, including punto-banko, and about 80 slot machines. There is a separate poker room, where inexpensive Texas Hold’em tournaments are held, and tables for cash game are collected every day. The casino is aimed at guests from Saudi Arabia, tourists from other countries come to it, as well as local players.

In the third casino, Casino le Mirage, judging by everything, things are not very good. There are 20 gaming tables in the hall, about 50 slot machines, and almost no visitors (and if there are, only local ones). It is unclear whether this institution brings any profit, but is not going to close yet.

In Tangier, the northernmost city of Morocco, where the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean connect, the Casino de Tanger is located – the only one for hundreds of kilometers around, because there are always a lot of visitors. The casino is open 24 hours a day, it occupies 3 floors and is connected by a corridor to the five-star Mövenpick hotel.

At the lower level slot machines are located. On the second floor – the main hall with 15 gambling tables and 5 tables of club poker. A huge room with high ceilings is decorated in oriental style. Roulette betting ranges from 20 to 2,000 dirhams per room, on cards 100 to 20,000.

During major poker tournaments, which take place here several times a year, they open about 20 poker tables on the territory of the hotel. The prize fund in tournaments is from 500,000 to 1,000,000 dirhams, and sometimes even more. Show less

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