Restricted Online Casinos in Djibouti

Despite the fact that the main religion of Djibouti is Islam, gambling is widely distributed there. Both the tourists and the local residents are gambling there. At the gaming tables you can meet famous officials, businessmen and even princes, while the representatives of middle classes sit at the slot machines.

As well as in European countries, the gaming equipment “Gaminator” of the most popular in the local casinos. Nowadays, there are about 10 casinos in Djibouti. Each of these gaming houses has its own features. Show more

Djibouti is famous not only for the beaches, but also for the largest gambling establishments. The largest casino is called “Djibouti”. Here you can take different bets and will be welcome. Perhaps, that’s why it became so popular. It is interesting that here you can often meet the Europeans and Americans. At that, the casino has a lot of English-speaking staff. The casino has more than 300 slot machines from the Austrian company (mainly “Gaminator”). Usually, they are bought in Europe, as it is impossible to find “Gaminator” in Africa.

The best vary from $10 to 400. However, the main entertainment of this place is poker. Every day “Djibouti” holds the poker tournaments for the fans of gambling. Professionals rarely visit this place, as it is mostly visited by the local residents. However, professionals are also welcome here. Several times a year this place holds the international professional tournaments with the overall prize of up to $500.000.

Another famous gaming establishment of this city is called “Gapur Casino”. This casino is not as large as “Djibouti”, but here you can find much more entertainments. Apart from the slot machines and poker tables, here you can also find roulette, cash, blackjack and punto baco. The main visitors of “Gapur Casino” are the local residents and the inhabitants of neighboring states. Every month this casino holds the large poker and cash tournaments.

Gaming establishments in Tajuru

“Casino de Tajuru”. This casino is open 24/7. Here you can meet both the newcomers who came to play the slot machines and the rich princes who decided to spend a couple thousand dollars. Several times a year “Casino de Tajuru” holds the large poker tournaments. The building of casino is divided into several levels. On the first level you can find the slot machines from “Gaminator”, which are so popular all over the world. And on the highest level, you can find the VIP-zone, where the best start from 1000$. But overall, the casino is mostly intended for the middle-class players. Show less

# Online casino AffGambler RatingWelcome bonusReviews 
1 Mr Green6.18
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    2 Barbados4.94
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    3 LadyLucks4.40
  • 100% up to £2000 reviewsVisit
    4 Betser3.92
  • 100% up to €2002 reviewsVisit
    5 Chance Hill3.80
  • 100% up to £1000 reviewsVisit
    6 Spin Fiesta3.29
  • 100% up to €2000 reviewsVisit
    7 Jackpot Paradise3.15
  • 200% up to £500 reviewsVisit
    8 Vegas Mobile2.69
  • 200% up to £500 reviewsVisit
    9 MobbySlots1.58
  • 100% up to £2001 reviewVisit

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