Restricted Casinos in Chad

Legislation does not prohibit gambling on the territory of the country. But the people here are not very active in gambling, because the monthly salary does not exceed $ 50. Interestingly, in terms of comfort and quality of equipment, some of Chad’s casinos are the best in Africa.

A typical gambling establishment here is a hall with 10 gaming tables, 50 slots and a dashing interior. The equipment is not less than 10 years old, there is no the database here. As well as video cameras. Because of poverty in the country, almost no one plays. Administration limits rates. With a rate of $ 1 = 100, the stakes are limited to 25 to 5000 African francs. Players are often small, most often regular visitors. The staff is mainly from Eastern Europe. The casino employees do not work officially and receive about 1500 dollars a month. Show more

They play on African francs. Currency exchange is made directly at the gaming table. In roulette this is done during the rotation of the wheel, and the rates are fixed with cries and almost to the immediate stop of the ball. Another interesting point is that nowhere are there any approved rules. In slot machines, the winning percentage may vary according to the caprice of the hall owner.

What games are most attractive in Chad?

The mentality of the local population differs from the American and European. They are not very interested in the passions that develop in roulette and slot machines. Casino are almost not filled by local people, because for them it is a Western-imposed pastime. Safaris and races are more attractive to Africans. Now, after the sensational victories of the African team, they discovered football.

It is unlikely that Chad will ever be able to overtake, or at least catch up with the United States on the development of gambling. The prospects of a country whose wealthy citizens live in poor villages are very doubtful. Ten years ago, the government heavily raised taxes for institutions with inconsistent profits and sweepstakes. Now they are subject to VAT. Also now every game machine is subject to tax. According to the government, the casino is taking too much profit. Owners of establishments adjust, reducing rates.

Obtaining a license for gambling in Chad is rather a minor formality than a legal procedure. The testing of equipment is also not taken seriously. Most of all, this applies to slots that are not checked for lack of specialists. There is also no serious regulation of the casino on the territory of the country. There are no technical requirements for the attributes of the casino and restrictions on the placement of the institutions. Personnel are not subject to certification, and organizers can have a registration in Chad, and may not have a registration at all. Show less

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