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The state of Samoa, located in the Polynesian part of the Pacific Ocean, suffered heavy losses from the tsunami in 2009 and the 2012 cyclone. The government beats the alarm. Tourism has declined very much, which was one of the main items of budget revenue for an already poor state.

In 2010, the government passed a law allowing the construction of two casinos to cope with the economic consequences of natural disasters. One of the licenses was obtained by the “native” firm of Samoa Aggie Gray, and the other went to ETG. But in the latter case, the casino license was withdrawn and now the question of what to do with the released license is being decided. Show more

On the territory of the tiny island state of Samoa, a license competition will be held after the Chinese tourist group was accused of corruption that the Chinese company – China’s Exhibitions Tourism Group (ETG), which received a license in 2013, is going to build a 500-room hotel in casino. And this is in a starving country with a population of only 190,000 people! Who will play in the casino?

Originally a casino license was issued by the China Exhibition Tourizm Group (ETG), which planned to build a hotel for 500 rooms and a casino on the island. But things have changed since the Chinese media reported that the chairman of the company, Deng Hong and the chief executive are now accused of corruption because of previous deals. The race is held under detention, beginning in March, according to the ruling of the Chinese Communist Party.

The issue is not settled definitively and Samoa after revoking the license is considering a number of foreign operators who could be interested in building casinos in the country – the island’s residents are primarily interested in foreign investors.

The second license for the opening of the casino was given to the local company that owns the Aggie Gray Beach Resort in Mulifanua, although it is not yet known where she will take the players.

On the one hand, the regulatory body of Samoa Gambling Control Authority believes that there should be only one casino license. And on the other hand – it is necessary to try to find another investor in exchange for ETG.

Anyway, the Samoan government must quickly make a decision, as a gambling market representative said, “maybe we should return to the market immediately.” Show less

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