Restricted Casinos in Liechtenstein

Liechtenstein is a tiny country near Switzerland and Austria, known for its ski slopes and beautiful nature. And here gambling was allowed just a few years ago. 

Liechtenstein is in Central Europe near Austria and Switzerland. The area of the state is only 160 square kilometers. The state is associated with Switzerland, German is the official language. Long and difficult name of the country comes from the name of the ruling dynasty. Show more

The history of the country has been conducted from the 15th century BC, when the territory was part of the Roman Empire. In the VI-th century Franks already dominated in this country, and then there were dynasties of the Carolingians and the Duchy of Swabia.

The dynasty of Liechtenstein has been ruling the country since 1507, thus the principality of Liechtenstein officially appeared only in 1719. It was a part of the collaboration with Austria-Hungary, but after World War I it shifted to Switzerland, these agreements are still respected.

The capital of the principality is the city of Vaduz, one of the smallest capitals in the world. Although Liechtenstein is not included in the EU is in the Schengen area, it is a member of the UN and the European free trade Association.

Despite the tiny size, the principality has a lot of offers to guests, ranging from the traditional tourism and mountain sports, to casinos that are in no way inferior to the Swiss on their level, and even successfully compete with them.

Casinos and gambling in Liechtenstein

Residents of Liechtenstein are quite hazardous as other Europeans. Locals like to play cards and roulette for centuries. The legalization of casinos in Liechtenstein began to be discussed in 1868, when the country was faced with financial difficulties.

However, Duke Johann, didn’t want to see any gambling in the state and have repaid the debts of the Duchy out of his own pocket. Since then there have been several disputes on this issue, but all efforts on legalization of gambling could not succeed until 2010. Until then, the act of 1949 on the prohibition of gambling was in force in the country.

Only in 2010, Liechtenstein agreed to open the first casino. The parliament passed a law that allowed gambling on money. They took the Swiss experience as basis. The reason why the government conceded was the money that flowed past the budget. Also the opening of casinos in the country allowed appearing a sufficient number of jobs, and the city received an additional influx of tourists.

The law entered into force only in 2011. The place of the bankrupt lottery was changed by gambling establishments that competed with Swiss casino. There are still few gambling houses and they are located in hotels.

Online games on the territory of Liechtenstein

There are no private online casino in the territory of Liechtenstein. From 1995 up to 2011 it worked as the association of lotteries, which went bankrupt. Although laws prohibit the establishment of gambling themed websites on the domains of the Principality, gamblers are able to play on any site in the world, because they are freely available and not blocked. Show less

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