Restricted Casinos in Canton and Enderbury Islands

In Canton and Enderbury gambling establishments did not begin to appear everywhere in the territory of the state. The licensing, placement and administration of the casino is strictly regulated by the government of Canton and Enderbury. The authorities themselves developing projects for gambling houses and standards for which gambling will operate.

Most of Canton’s annual profit is related to the service sector. Restaurants, hotels, entertainment complexes attract tourists and support the country’s economy. Following the global trends and watching the influence of casinos on the number of tourists on the example of other countries, the Canton government decided to support a bill that allows developing gambling business on the island. Show more

It should be noted that it was possible to open a casino on Canton earlier. The law did not provide for any prohibitions in the context of gambling. In the majority of hotels you can find halls with slot machines. However, until recently, there was no single system for obtaining a license to open a full-fledged gambling establishment with all the usual types of entertainment. Now the issue of the licensing order is settled and the projects of the first gambling establishments are at the stage of active development.

An absolute majority voted for the settlement of issues related to gambling. Against – only conservative and religious currents emerged, suggesting the development of gambling dependence among the population of the island state. However, the advantages of opening a casino seemed to the authorities to be much more impressive than the possible harm caused by them.

What standards does the casino in Canton by

The gambling commission, created after the approval of the draft laws on the gambling business in 2013, joined forces with the Bureau of Standards, in order to develop rules for casino operations in Canton. The government of the state is interested in building gambling houses that meet the quality standards of Gaming Laboratories International, recognized throughout the world. This applies to both the quality of service, and the monitoring system of gambling houses, the quality of equipment and the conduct of table games.

To date, the gambling commission is still considering the procedure for issuing a license and encourages all interested to make their proposals regarding the organization of the gambling business. Given the severity and seriousness of the development of gambling projects, to date, only two licenses have been issued on the territory of the entire state.

Gambling houses in Canton will be included in large hotel entertainment complexes. This concept of gambling is most attractive for tourists: on the territory of the complex there are all kinds of entertainment, classes for the whole family, comfortable rooms, three meals a day, the opportunity to visit restaurants, clubs and relax on private beaches. Show less

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