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Red Tiger may be new to the world, but it does not waste time making its way into the business industry. With influence outside of Europe as well as in some of the finest houses on the mainland, this small (to begin with) but ambitious software company has all the potential you can dream of in a game software provider – and quite some punch.

Went the distance, now I’m not gonna stop, just a man and his will to survive… We strongly suspect that the name for the company has been picked by an immortal classic by Survivor. And it just about as viral as the original hit. Red Tiger has taken over a wealth of casinos all over the world, so wherever you go you’re highly likely to see those beautiful glinting eyes. Show more

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So Who Are They Again?

Red Tiger Gaming also makes up RTG abbreviated. Remind you of anyone? Maybe a time will come you will think Red Tiger Gaming when you see RTG and not RealTime Gaming. That seems to be the ambition, anyway. Coincidence? We don’t think so.

Red Tiger Gaming dedicate themselves completely to casino slots. We know that’s pretty much what everyone else says because it’s convenient, but, we guess, the only way to find out if the promise is for real is to check out the product. This company packs an impressive punch, but, as the case is always with the newcomers, we think you should pay  careful attention to standard precautions you take when you start playing. Especially since they mention magicians can be involved, and those guys are great at making things disappear, if you know what we mean (if you’re grabbing your wallet, you’re thinking in the right direction).

Red Tiger Gaming’s team is comprised of specially hand-picked specialists that include engineers, psychologists and mathematicians besides from the usual bunch, which is why we think they are so interesting. This company seems to be one that goes all the way to getting the customer there, even, according to them, employing a band of secret magicians. Although we don’t fully believe that, we are sure Red Tiger Gaming probably has quite a few aces up its sleeve (if tigers have sleeves).

Can I Trust Them?

The company was founded in 2014, as they state, by a team of “industry veterans”. They have been described by other reliable sources as passionate, hard-working, and true to their word. What else do you need? The company, which started with the Isle of Man, showcases 45 slots to date, plus table games, and is proud to present some of the most beautiful hand-made work we’ve seen in ages. They offer absolutely fantastic service along with great customer support, and can satisfy even the most demanding of tastes. RTG is friends with a few proud names Betsson, Poker Stars and Paddy Power, which shows you they can be trusted.

Games by RTG can be described in no lesser terms than “excellent”. Playtech and MicroGaming practically work on the same level in terms of CG and sound as this nifty little company (and they have been in business for quite a lot longer). The storyline and bonus games are also interesting, so the games will keep you satisfied for a while, with not bad RTP of between 94.5% and 95.5%.

What’s The Verdict?

We say that in terms of allure this company has definitely done their job. Everything works really well, in particular slot games. It seems that a lot of thought has been put into the making of these slots, which is more than  many other companies can say. Red Tiger’s finest can provide good outcomes, as we have found out – of anything of around $1000 or more in one go – and, as usual, the winning tempos and combinations are pretty random, although we have noticed that luck, as well as lack of luck, seem to come in long spells, which is nice, because you tend to avoid shocks associated with sudden losses.

As always, we think you should take into consideration that gambling can turn addictive if you get too carried away with it (which is pretty much what we would say about anything else), but the usual rules apply that you would consider when you start trusting strangers with your money. Make sure you always portion your bankroll carefully, stay in control of the process, and walk away when you’re done. Magicians can be very good at distracting you, but keeping your eye on the game is what it’s all about. Monitor return rates, reviews, and opportunities some slots offer over others.

As far as psychologists are concerned, we think that the creators of this company have done a good job of creating massive expectations, which, as the case is with any game, don’t always pan out. We advise to keep your head cool at all times, remembering that casinos are entertainment venues and cannot be viewed as sources of income.

Keep your bankroll managed and when you come to the end of it, walk away. The most important thing about online gaming is being in control of the situation. We think that the people who designed this casino have done a fabulous job. However, it is up to you to not give in to parlor tricks and make sure you stick to strategies and analytics, otherwise you risk getting lost in the glamorous and glittering sea of delights forever. Show less

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Red Tiger Gaming - Video Slot RTP : 96.06%
Red Tiger Gaming - Video Slot RTP : 96%
Red Tiger Gaming - Video Slot
Red Tiger Gaming - Video Slot RTP : 96.11%
Red Tiger Gaming - Video Slot RTP : 96.21%
Red Tiger Gaming - Video Slot RTP : 96.23%
Red Tiger Gaming - Video Slot RTP : 96.07%
Red Tiger Gaming - Video Slot RTP : 96.11%
Red Tiger Gaming - Video Slot RTP : 96.15%
Red Tiger Gaming - Video Slot RTP : 96,02%
Red Tiger Gaming - Video Slot RTP : 96.12%
Red Tiger Gaming - Video Slot RTP : 95.2%
Red Tiger Gaming - Video Slot RTP : 95.22%
Red Tiger Gaming - Video Slot RTP : 95.52%
Red Tiger Gaming - Video Slot RTP : 95.5%
Red Tiger Gaming - Video Slot RTP : 95%
Red Tiger Gaming - Video Slot RTP : 96,18%
Red Tiger Gaming - Video Slot RTP : 96,1%
Red Tiger Gaming - Video Slot RTP : 96,1%
Red Tiger Gaming - Video Slot RTP : 95%
Red Tiger Gaming - Video Slot RTP : 94.95%
Red Tiger Gaming - Video Slot RTP : 95%
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