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Push Gaming one of the more elite software companies that operate out of London, UK. That alone should tell you everything you need to know: it’s elite, state-of-the-art, and dashingly beautiful, just like everything else that comes from the United Kingdom. Now, we may be kidding, but the small team behind this great company did, in fact, come together going on to 8 years ago to produce very impressive results, old chap.

When people visit brick-and-mortar casinos, they know which games will arouse their interest and get their blood pumping. Certain games have been time-tested to net excellent results and provide great entertainment. Push Gaming offers the opportunity to do just that – offer the latest and greatest in land-based casinos – but in a mobile format. Show more

What Do They Do?

The idea behind the gathering was to bring brick-and-mortar casino games online and thus make online casinos as close to real life as possible. There may be many companies out there after the same idea, but this company is one of the few who actually works for the sole purpose of doing what we described above, and nothing else. Think a master with a very narrow specialization. This is what you get here.

Slot machines today, in the world of exponentially expanding demand for online casinos, are one of the best ways to make a profit. The public grows more and more apathetic and wants more and more ways of mindlessly destressing as depression, obesity, and stress levels soar. The creators of this company used their resources well: a lot of money and time can be saved through bringing back the games that everyone knows and loves. And maybe the added bonus of creating that feeling of nostalgia. Wouldn’t you love to play Contra or Sid Meyer’s Civilization now that those years have gone, never to return again? Or maybe they can be brought back? So the same goes for old-school online games.

More and more games have been converted into online formats, with huge tendencies for development in the online game community, and it goes without saying that the best minds were the ones like this company who started doing it before the masses picked up on the tendencies. So relax. You’re in good hands.

Who Works For Them?

The administration that heads this compact but powerful company consists of surprisingly eminent figures in the industry. The people who take up top positions in the company have had a lot of experience wit Cryptologic and NextGen. In addition, the company hired staff that had experience with names that even people not very familiar with gambling have heard of. These are the most well-known and powerful companies like IGT and Amaya Gaming.

The company’s boss-man, Winston-Lee, has more than a decade of experience in the field and works only with people on the same level as him. These are not just some rookies fresh to the field armed with nothing but good intentions and tinfoil hats. These are seasoned, brutal sea wolves ready to deliver and sacrifice everything for their work. In short, this developer has not only shown that they have massive potential but also delivered aplenty on their promises by collaborating with some of the biggest and brightly shining names in the business.

What Makes Them So Special?

There are also quite a few varieties of games that this company offers, just in case you thought they were smart but boring. Not at all.

You can find anything here to suit the most demanding of tastes: video poker, table games, slot machines – you name it. Not only does Push Gaming provide a great number of old classics that strike into the very hearts of our more seasoned audience, they also qualify to be called a multi-platform company, because they create many different varieties of games. You are sure to find the best of both worlds here: spectacular new ideas as well as the best of the old age (Wisdom of the ancestors should never be forgotten about!). Overall we have absolutely nothing to reproach this company on well-rounded, hard-working, enthusiastic, and very selectively staffed. It also produced games like Gems of the Gods, which actually is a very telling name. Also check out Dragon Sisters, one of the most recent innovations on the kick-ass front.

Here enter a few magic names from the business you know are guaranteed vouch for this company’s brilliance: Microgaming’s Quickfire, Italian-made Magic Dreams, and check out solid titles like XCalibur and Raw Poker (although it really should be Rawr Poker, we think).

Just in case you thought there wasn’t much good in “borrowing”, Push Gaming also offers a few brilliant gems of their own creation (and they are not all that meets the eye, either).

Games like Meet the Meerkats, Bonus Beans, and Humpty Dumpty are sure to keep you buzzing with anticipation with plenty of  Free Spins and exciting bonus additions. This company also works only with licensed casinos and has a license itself (because we know that honesty is the most important thing). The license from the UK Gambling Commission is pretty much an assurance that nothing can go wrong. After all, as they say, the perfect world is one where the police are British.

Young and promising, this company will keep you entertained and interested to the best of its ability. It’s an absolute pioneer in the field, with some outstanding cast and a portfolio of hard work already shared with the most known names in the industry. We wholeheartedly recommend this little gem of a company to anyone who is firmly set on having thrilling, top-of-the-range experiences with a partner they can really trust.

There are a variety of portals that use their software, from Betsafe all the way through to Unibet (we counted over forty), so be assured that this one is time-tested and checked by all our friends as well as being innovative, reliable, and fruitful. Show less

PushGaming - Video Slot
PushGaming - Video Slot RTP : 96.8%
PushGaming - Video Slot RTP : 96.6%
PushGaming - Video Slot RTP : 96.51%
PushGaming - Video Slot RTP : 97.03%
PushGaming - Video Slot RTP : 96,98%
PushGaming - Video Slot RTP : 96.45%
PushGaming - Video Slot RTP : 96.4%
PushGaming - Video Slot RTP : 96.47%
PushGaming - Video Slot RTP : 97%
PushGaming - Video Slot RTP : 96.73%
PushGaming - Video Slot RTP : 96.72%
PushGaming - Video Slot RTP : 96.79%
PushGaming - Video Slot RTP : 96.72%
PushGaming - Video Slot RTP : 96.53%
PushGaming - Video Slot RTP : 96.53%
PushGaming - Video Slot RTP : 96.55%
PushGaming - Video Slot RTP : 96.6%
PushGaming - Video Slot RTP : 96.5%
PushGaming - Video Slot RTP : 96.53%
PushGaming - Video Slot RTP : 96.49%
PushGaming - Video Slot RTP : 96.49%
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