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We introduce to you one of the major players in the industry: Tom Horn is one the coolest and intriguing companies around. Tom Horn gaming is one of those companies you certainly feel a pleasure doing business with. With offices in a few places around the world, including Costa Rica, they offer an intelligent and engaging service that definitely deserves our appraisal. An A-list celebrity from bottom to the top, this company is certainly one of our favorites (which you can clearly see from the text below).

We would like to congratulate Tom Horn on probably some of the best performances we’ve seen around. It is a privately owned company, no doubt you can tell by the name, with a reasonable stack of games – just over 70, in fact. Let us try to fully convey the sense of affluence, exclusiveness, and quality this firm provides, although we are not sure our modest capabilities will allow us to – but we will try. Show more

What THG Is About

It isn’t often you see a company that can provide irreproachable service in one area. A few are good at multiple things. Tom Horn, however, is a rare one that is so remarkably well-focused, we are rather struck at how much work has been put in here.

Customer support is one of the best around. The company has a huge presence on social networks. They are ever-searching to expand their basis of operations, which is a good indication. They are also adept at designing good HTML, which you will see if when you take a look at the games they present. Also one of the most exciting aspects is their developer team, which is one of the best around on their level. This Bratislava-based company is one of the most immersive and engaging software providers around, and we are very happy to introduce to you a list of top casinos that do Tom Horn Gaming. You will find only the best, tried and tested casinos here, which have been selected by users to be the most reliable and effective casinos ever seen. We hope everything is to your satisfaction. If not, don’t hesitate to drop us a line.

Tom Horn Gaming not only does land-based and online casinos, but also a variety of other forms of i-gaming, which speaks well of them (someone knows a thing or two about diversification or, plainly speaking, not putting all your eggs in one basket).

They are also very good at providing payment solutions, just when you thought it doesn’t get any better. You’ll also highly likely want to check out their latest invention to do with live poker (we’ll keep it a secret for the sake of a pleasant surprise).

We could go into a lengthy story about all the high-tech advantages this remarkable company offers. Trust us though, ultimately, that it’s so good, it simply comes down to this: any device, any OS, as long as it has access to the internet, THG is there for you. We wouldn’t be surprised if they provided 5G or dial-up support either, by the way.

You can expect an excellent performance from someone like this in the arena of individual game design, and there certainly is that. All manner of slots, including 3D slots, video slots, a wildly wide bet range, some of the most endearing and familiar slot names like Arctic World, and a plethora of blackjack, poker, and roulette – is only the tip of the iceberg.

Describing their security algorithms will take a whole article like this only listing them one by one, so just trust us on this one: it’s easier squeezing a Blue Whale than hacking into games created by THG. This company, in short, has an outstanding future in the world of gaming, and we sense future developments with great anticipation.

From The Horse’s Mouth

And by that we don’t mean he has a long face. Ondrej Lapides, the CEO of Tom Horn Gaming, is one of the most remarkable people we know (…of). In a recent interview, he points out that the company has been meticulously designed with the vision of flawless and effortless performance and maximum user satisfaction at all times.

Also: there is no set way of making a business work, but the ability to work with feedback and find a practical solution is a must for any entrepreneur. We have actually been saying this for years, but why this company has actually won us over is because Ondrej considers that one of the secrets of ultimate success is having a good connection with the staff.

Also what really matters, according to him, is creating an unshakeable company culture (and the right set of values), and a unique brand that is recognizable anywhere. Just like the greatest in the industry, Google, Facebook, and MicroGaming, this company is not only hugely successful and rapidly expanding, but also is rather modest and manages to keep up with progress as well as change its tactic at the right time in order to stay up to date with the changes.

Our Online Tom Horn Casino Rating System

You can play free slots from THG we offer at any point you like. The demo games we give to you are a fantastical way of scoping out the area before you move on to the real thing. We offer a list of top casinos here with the games by this great provider so you can rest assured that not only have you made a fantastical choice with THG, you’re also making friends with the right people.

Choosing a good casino is important, which is why we are introducing to you our online casino rating system, which features casinos arranged in the order of their reputation as voted by our users. Stay safe, keep your head in the game, and let us know how it’s going. Show less

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