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Booming Games is a flashy company that provides a wealth of attractive slot to suit anyone’s taste. Find for yourself wicked and wonderful games like Devil’s Heat, Valley of Pharaohs, Vegas Wins, Cherry Bomb Deluxe…They look absolutely delicious and feel even better. Make sure you check out this great provider after you study the story we have for you here.

To sum up, these slots are ultra-new, modern, creative and simply stunning. They have been on the up and up, exponentially increasing in popularity thanks to the fact that they are all very well thought-through and made…lovingly is the only word that comes to mind. Show more

Some History

Founded in 2008, Booming Games is an already proud name in the online gambling community that focuses on creating top of the range content for online gambling venues. The focus exclusively on slot machines, and thanks to that laser focus they achieve absolutely fantastical efficiency. Originally starting with the Isle of Man, this company has expanded its areas of influence well beyond that, now having taken over Greece, UK, and the Philippines (but that’s not all). Booming Games keep updating their games list, constantly providing new titles, which is also nice. The company seems to want to go after Asia next, which is a pleasant surprise for the Russian community.

This company relies a lot on the technical side of things when they design their product, which means you can rely on them to get things right. Also, Booming Games offer a few interesting bonus rounds, which their software is known for. In short, you will find all the entertainment you were looking for here. They offer also a great mobile gaming platform, which, in conjunction with their other features, creates a unique and powerful background that keeps them ahead of the competition.

So What’s In Store For Me?

There are around 50 slots this company provides. The theme behind their games is simple and suave, with an interface which is very reminiscent of the 90s era, so that will work for you if you’re a fan. The layout of games is not terribly sophisticated either, which could be a plus for users who are just looking to have a good time rather start studying sophisticated concepts and complicated strategies.

We very keep and looking forward to seeing more games that this company provides, because for now, the array of games they offer isn’t colossal. Which is another sign that this company keeps on providing a great product? In particular, we think it would be interesting to see more games like baccarat and video poker (but the games they have already look great).

In a relatively short period of time since they have been introduced to the market, this company has already proved they can deliver and distance themselves from their colleagues. This company, as well as employing other companies to do integrity checks, is itself a part of Juma Company Group. How many more assurances do you need to figure your money is in a good place?

What Do They Have That Others Don’t?

We have to emphasize that a lot of very advanced technological features have been implemented when creating this platform. It is also easily integrated with other software. 3D video slots have fantastical graphics, whereas classical slots provide plenty of traditional quality entertainment.

They also offer something that others don’t which is a  tool that allows you to make up your own slot taking only a few minutes. Itech Labs also looks after this company’s structural integrity, creating a reputation that this company is striving to maintain at all times.


Bonuses are probably the most fundamental part of your casino experience. You can find a bonus to suit the most demanding taste here, from no deposit bonuses to Free Spins and bonuses that give you time to run away with them. Knock yourself out with first deposit bonuses, too, which come with sky-high percentage range (up to 300%). All purchases and investments are protected with a high-end baking system.


  • Simple and accessible
  • Has a lot of reach
  • You know what to expect from each slot
  • Games work on mobile
  • Independent audits by reputable companies
  • Great tech support service
  • Bitcoin bets are a yes


We thoroughly recommend Booming Games to anyone wishing to have a terrific time, get a feel for the unknown, the creative, and the juicy, and at the same time to have assured, secure fun with their money.

A relative newcomer on the market, this company already won over many of their audience as well as having taken over an impressive part of the world (including London). We think that Booming Games are a terrific example of a company that stoically delivers on their promise and provides smart and sophisticated entertainment as well as getting out there in the physical sense of the word.

We would love to see more from this little gem of a company, and we have absolutely no doubt that it is only a matter of time until we will. Show less

Booming Games - Video Slot RTP (Return To Player) : 95.51%
Booming Games - Video Slot RTP : 96%
Booming Games - Video Slot RTP : 95.83%
Booming Games - Video Slot
Booming Games - Video Slot RTP : 95,32%
Booming Games - Video Slot RTP : 95,35%
Booming Games - Video Slot RTP : 95,32%
Booming Games - Video Slot RTP : 95.40%
Booming Games - Video Slot RTP : 96,25%
Booming Games - Video Slot RTP : 95,40%
Booming Games - Video Slot RTP : 95,37%
Booming Games - Video Slot RTP : 95,30%
Booming Games - Video Slot RTP : 96%
Booming Games - Video Slot RTP : 95,08%
Booming Games - Video Slot RTP : 95,30%
Booming Games - Video Slot RTP : 96,10%
Booming Games - Video Slot RTP : 95,51%
Booming Games - Video Slot RTP : 96.55%
Booming Games - Video Slot RTP : 96,50%
Booming Games - Video Slot RTP : 95.35%
Booming Games - Video Slot RTP : 95,32%
Booming Games - Video Slot RTP : 96.58%
Booming Games - Video Slot RTP : 95.25%
Booming Games - Video Slot RTP : 96%
Booming Games - Video Slot RTP : 95.50%
Booming Games - Video Slot RTP : 96,13%
Booming Games - Video Slot RTP : 95,40%
Booming Games - Video Slot
Booming Games - Video Slot
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