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Time to get comfortable! Cozy Games is a healthy alternative to the industry giants that offers a myriad of games on a plenty of platforms. We think it’s definitely worth checking out. Does it live up to its name?

Cozy Games is a company that, despite its frivolous name, approaches the task at hand rather seriously. Since its inception and creation in 2005, it has managed to create a good name for itself in our circles by creating multiplatform games of great quality that work with an impressive number of online casinos worldwide. Show more

It is vouched for by one of the best in the business: Isle of Man’s Gambling Supervision Commission as well as the UK Gambling Commission (hello!). The emphasis here is on bountiful storylines with an interesting plotline. This company is very thorough in terms of game design and individual player experience refinement in large part due to its extensive interest in CRM.

It is also a rather intelligent company that offers a lot of real-time analytics and voluptuous logs of events, and its site boasts “near zero downtime” (source).  We have also been impressed by the following: “Cozy will handhold you during the build, launch and the growth phases. The adaptive gaming ecosystem addresses your ever-changing customer and marketing needs”. In short, this is a company that goes far beyond just creating a particular type of slots.

We have always admired companies that go out of their way to do something more than necessary, so we think you definitely owe this company at least a quick look (but we think that once you get a feel for it, you’ll be as impressed by it as we are now).

Our List Of Best Casinos

We offer the list of top cozy games casinos from around the world here so you can play to your full satisfaction. We have, in fact, arranged those casinos in order of importance according to player reviews so that you can easily pick the best casino around. We think it makes logical sense to go for the ones at the top while the ones at the bottom clearly need more work.

We have also added a variety of functions to make your time with us as enjoyable, free, and easy as possible. You will find we care very much about your opinion (in fact, it is the fuel in our tanks (not real tanks). Therefore, if you ever feel the need to add anything, feel free to let us know what’s up any time of the day or night. We hope you make full use of our games and get the best possible experience out of our interactive gameplay system.

Our Online Cozy Games Casino System

How does it work? When players leave reviews, casinos are sorted in the order of the good and bad reviews they have. If there are unsolved problems that you submit (meaning the casinos ignore our requests to get the issue fixed), the casino goes down in the rating system. There are all sorts of devices that are designed to help you surpass the unnecessary struggle, leaving more time for you to enjoy the best things in life.

Filters will help you choose what you need more quickly and efficiently. Geolocation allows you to save yourself time with casinos that don’t accept players from your country. You can also search for bonuses, withdrawal methods, and so on. In brief, we have tried to implement just about every mechanism known to us to make your experience with us unforgettable (in a good way).

Top Cozy Games Casinos We Offer

We give to you only the casinos that have been personally vetted by us and have been continuously tested for improvements by our users. Let us know if anything is not to your satisfaction, and we will do whatever is humanly possible to help you get the issue resolved.

An Insider’s Opinion

Cozy Gaming was the first ever to start using cryptocurrency all the way back in 2014. Cozy Gaming’s CEO, Steve Beauregard, admitted that taking up Bitcoin trade is a very risky step, but said that it made new avenues possible, pointing out they can reach “the underbanked”, which will mean a greater customer base. Way to go! We do believe that the future belongs to those who dare.

We wish this delightful little company all the success we believe it deserves and will be watching its progress with much anticipation. Just like always, we warn you to read the documentation carefully, manage your bankroll well, and watch ours for rogue casinos (which can be done easily by using our online casino rating system). Stay tuned for the best news from the world of business, rapid technologies, i-gaming, and cryptocurrency, and we will handhold your inevitable walk into the sunset with the best of delightful feelings known to man. See you soon. Show less

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