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No, our keyboard didn’t get stuck. Well, it kind of did. And on the other hand, it didn’t. Boongo is one of the best slot designers around. It’s just a little secretive about, well, everything, so we’re not quite sure about the reason the name is so long. Anyway, what we really care about is the content, not the form.

With slots in Ukraine and Taiwan, (and more), this company is one of the best-kept secrets in the industry. You’d think it would make sense to advertise the best things about their company? Well, this one keeps itself secret, probably thinking that the worse something is, the more advertising it needs, and therefore it doesn’t need advertising (all that much). Well, we still got curious, and here is everything you need to know about Boongo games and what it has to offer. Show more

Boongo’s main emphasis is on HTML, which means a firm no to all compatibility problems in the world. Wouldn’t you say it’s a good start? It also has a Curacao license and has quite some influence around the world, although it mostly tends to stay away from European markets. Could it be that diamond in the rough you were looking for? This company produces light-hearted, frivolous slots, which is nice in this world full of monochrome and very serious people with sky-high agendas.

We say it’s a great idea to be lighthearted, because it makes you stand out in the world of corporate policies, office cubicles, people dressed in all grey and black, and dark Noir York skies. Also note that there aren’t that many slots, for whatever reason. We think it’s because they are so exclusive, you can hardly get hold of them.

Well, maybe that’s not strictly speaking true (or maybe it is), but one thing is for sure – the slots designed by this company are very well thought through and seem to be created with great attention to detail, which is what we would expect from a company who does this professionally – Boongo specializes in slots and slots only. Intrigued yet? Come with us on this exciting adventure, and we will fill you in on all the extravagant details that you are very unlikely to find anywhere else.

Top Casinos We Offer

Boongo is one of those casinos that make  strikingly good slots. Okay, maybe there aren’t that many of them (yet!) but slots that are out there won’t let you down.

Now, we already mentioned this company only does slots. Nice? We’re not saying that companies that only specialize in one thing are better for sure. There are awesome companies (check out Tom Horn, for example) that do all sorts of things imaginable to do with online gaming. Still, there is something about a company whose laser focus allows it to absolutely dedicate everything on one single topic – and that creates tangible advantages.

Why Is Our Casinos List The Best?

Just in case you wonder whether this is an elitist company, you’ll find there are plenty of languages this company works with, so you will highly likely never find yourself limited for options. Also, speaking of user accessibility, the user menu is easy to access and makes logical sense, unless with many other companies we know. We often get frustrated when we navigate some casinos thinking: “Where did they put that button? It should be right at the top.” Boongo saves you the frustration and makes entering the world of online gaming easy, quick, and fun, so you can spend less time on formalities and more time doing what you like best.

We also tried to make our website as comfortable and user-friendly as possible, which is why you will find a variety of options here that will keep you, hopefully, coming back time after time. If anything is not to your satisfaction, please let us know and we will do our best to fix it as soon as it is humanly possible.

One other thing that is pleasant about Boongo games is that they feature likable people and things that instantly appeal to the player (kind of like us). Also, you will find quite a few interesting storylines here. It maybe could do a little better in terms of CG but the storylines kind of makeup for it: we have seen too many games with lots of CG but intellectually quite inferior to the market’s average. And that’s far worse.

In addition, the Boongo team has done quite well in terms of passing the existing industry standards of decent performance overall, further proving that the mission, which is stated on their website and seems to revolve around pushing boundaries and working hard to keep and retain euphoric customers, sounds a lot like the truth.

Our Online Casino Rating System

You can play free games made by Boongo here anytime you like. Demo games are an excellent opportunity to check out a new casino and get to grips with the games without wasting money – and having a good time while contemplating how good it’ll feel to go for the authentic, adrenaline-fueled, chair-arm-clenching, real-life ride for real money.

This software producer is one of our favorites, as we have mentioned, so we wholeheartedly recommend you give their games ago. As always, we even more wholeheartedly recommend you become engrossed into all of the documentation a certain casino or game before you dive in, and read up as much as you can on the experience you’re about to have. There’s no such thing as too much research, and you can’t be too prepared, so we hope you have a great time having (safe) fun with this brightly colored, handsome little company. If you find anything is missing, if you want to recommend something to us that we could do differently, or just want to chat, just drop us a line. As always, we are here for you. Show less

Booongo - Video Slot RTP (Return To Player) : 95.8%
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