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Foxium is one of the more prominent online gambling software providers with HQ in Tallinn. Like most projects powered by the Swedish, it can boast superb service, meticulousness, and great attention to details that the Swedish are known for when it comes to quality in everything.

The man responsible is Ake Andre, a resourceful Swede who recently made headlines by signing a deal with the industry’s greatest, MicroGaming. For those of you who have just joined, Microgaming is the Alpha and Omega of gaming, an absolute all-defeating giant whose power of influence in the world of online gaming is unrivaled. Show more

MicroGaming is a subject for another article: we would not want to simplify or omit their achievements by cutting the story short. Just take our word for it: MicroGaming is the absolute best when it comes to gaming. So it comes as great news that Foxium has teamed up with MicroGaming, allowing for even greater levels of awesomeness.  The first game to go live is Vampire: The Masquerade, which became available on November the1st. You may also have heard about their recent deal with NYX Interactive, which provided even more opportunities to expand. They have also recently united their investment efforts with Velo.

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What Makes Them Unique?

The Foxium team is comprised of many nationalities, which is nice to hear, and their production extends to a great variety of niches. Danii Sanders, the co-founder, works closely with the Russian members of the team to constantly keep increasing quality and compatibility of the games with all possible platforms.

In addition, all the games are mobile-compatible, in case you want to take them with you anywhere you go. They started off with a promising affiliation with Odobo, who launched their first two games, Stereo Miami, and Big-Time Journey, and now they are providing exceptional games with a great level of detail and technical cunningness. You may know The Old Forest for its mesmerizing bonus games with a few levels of bonus games and exceptional CG.

This company is one of those you remember with fondness. Stark, delightful, foxy, it has everything you need for you to be attracted to it.

Who Can Vouch For Them?

Foxium has not been in the business long, but so far it has really upped their games in terms of what is expected of them. You could probably spot one of their games from far away: great graphics, new themes, creative and innovative stories…In addition to a nice mix of experience and talent, the names they are affiliated with speak for themselves:, Betmotion, Gala Casino, Mr. Green, and so on.

Did you think that was all? This rising talent is a recent introduction to the market (as we know, new=exciting), seeing the light in 2015. This new company, however, already made its presence on the market known by making friends with Bet365, Dream Jackpot Casino, and Prospect Hall. Foxium does not outsource any of its software, which means they are entirely responsible for everything they produce.


Don’t you just love it when people take their time doing something? The Germans are notorious for attention to detail, but the Estonians are known around the world for being exceptionally slow when it comes to, well, everything ever, including speech. This is great if we’re talking about making software because with IT the worst thing you can do is to rush the job. The Estonians, therefore, are very good at designing good quality work because the things they make are done extremely thoroughly. And they take a while.

The recent news: Foxium is very active on Facebook, promoting their latest products with great vigor. The latest and greatest is Fruitz, a zombie-themed video slot.


They have received nothing but good reviews, described as professionals who know the market and work fantastically hard to set their goals and achieve them so that their products can be described as “flawless” (according to Odobo). All in all, there are plenty of exciting opportunities here, and it would be a shame to miss them.

This company is new, thrilling, and works very quickly and efficiently to extend their influence in this rapidly developing market. We think that they unequivocally have everything they need to get what they deserve, and, in fact, making friends with this company seems to be a prospect that can net nothing but pleasure you can’t measure. Show less

Foxium - Video Slot RTP (Return To Player) : 96.02%
Foxium - Video Slot RTP : 96.5%
Foxium - Video Slot RTP : 92.98%
Foxium - Video Slot RTP : 96.04%
Foxium - Video Slot RTP : 94%
Foxium - Video Slot RTP : 96.02%
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