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Ainsworth a company that dates back a fair while. You probably know the name Aristocrat and all that implies. Just in case, Aristocrat is one of the biggest names in the business, an Australian-based company that has been so successful it would be officially the world’s biggest slot machine manufacturers in the world if it weren’t for IGT.

Len Ainsworth founded his company in 1953, and you probably already figured the reason we’re bringing this up. Len Ainsworth, who has been so hugely successful already, is now the Chairman of Ainsworth Game Technology, This company ‘s headquarters are in New South Wales in Australia, and this company carries with it the typically Australian sunny, delightful charm. Show more

Why Ainsworth free slots?

This company is pretty much the whale that supplies most of the world’s casino software needs. These are good free slots that normally are quite unpredictable (you can rely on that unpredictability any day of the week), and they usually focus on one large win rather than creating a series of small but non-productive bonuses.

Len Ainsworth’s nickname, “Father of Video Poker”, was rightfully earned. Thousands and thousands of players all over the world have approved these games. One of the more established companies on the market, it dates back all the way to the past century. They have been specializing in every aspect of manufacturing of game software for quite some time now.

What Makes Them So Special?

There’s no-one that can do Ainsworth free online slots just quite like the company. They have been at it so long, we’re kind of starting to lose track of all their achievements. If you’re into online gambling, this is definitely the place for you, but Ainsworth Game Technology is especially well-suited to those who like it casino game experience. Granted, there is nothing like an authentic casino environment (and players banging their fists on the table shouting “You monkey!” at each other), but if you’re starting to think that u can get the same value for your money out of the comfort of your own home, without having to spend time or gas money getting there and back, and enjoy the same frivolous young women’s demure looks you’ve seen in land-based casinos, this is the place you’ve been looking for.

This company has been in business for a while now, which means that it is more focused on its reputation rather than creating magnificent state-of-the-art technology like the other companies that seem to have it all, like the legendary MicroGaming. However, there is something here for everyone, and, although this is more of a classic venue where you are more likely to find an authentic atmosphere instead of state of the art equipment, it has its own charm.

Anything Else I Should Know?

There are, of course, many, many excellent Ainsworth slot games created by these guys with a long-established tradition of providing quality. Among players Ainsworth Game Technology is famous for providing the safe, secure entertainment you can count on not to fail you (kind of like the Cadillac of online gaming). You will find a few original tricks and sounds used by Aristocrat here, and also playing card symbols seem to have been transferred here from Aristocrat as a hallmark. These distinctive features allow you to form unique memories that come back when you hear that familiar whirring sound.

Ainsworth is a name intimately familiar with the Australian Stock exchange, which means they are pretty serious businessmen, and they have done a great deal to expand their influence around the globe in the last few years. There are offices in major countries of the world, like Europe, Australia, and the US.

The team behind the creation of Ainsworth slot machines has also been in business for a while, creating all manner of new wilds, Free Spins, and bonus games that keep coming up and up. You’ll also be glad to know the new HQ in Las Vegas have just opened in 2016, and they are absolutely huge, with over 300 000 square feet of space. By all accounts, it looks like this company is ready to give plenty of money away, and we are more than happy to wholeheartedly recommend it.


  • Reliability
  • Established reputation
  • As a rule, solid one-time wins rather than series of insubstantial small ones
  • Integrity
  • Dedication to quality
  • Contracts with Playtech, IsoftBet, and Microgaming
  • Very selective about the games they put out onto the market
  • Fantastically high quality of games
  • Full resemblance of land-based casino games qualities

Ainsworth slots: Conclusion

The world-known titles like Barnyard Bonanza, Pure Platinum, Flying Horse, and Rumble Rumble will leave you completely assured of the special and specific qualities this company can provide for anyone looking for genuinely high standards.

If you’re looking for solid quality that will never disappoint, this is the right niche for you. We would probably say that our desire for this company is to add a very more Ainsworth slot games and visual components, but we are sure the company such as this will be sure to listen to its players and fulfill all their needs soon. Show less

Ainsworth - Video Slot RTP (Return To Player) : 94,14%
Ainsworth - Video Slot RTP : 93,83%
Ainsworth - Video Slot RTP : 94.3%
Ainsworth - Video Slot RTP : 94.07%
Ainsworth - Video Slot RTP : 94.14%
Ainsworth - Video Slot RTP : 94.38%
Ainsworth - Video Slot RTP : 94.18%
Ainsworth - Video Slot RTP : 94.94%
Ainsworth - Video Slot RTP : 94.3%
Ainsworth - Video Slot RTP : 94.37%
Ainsworth - Video Slot RTP : 94.37%
Ainsworth - Video Slot RTP : 94.04%
Ainsworth - Video Slot RTP : 94.3%
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