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Automatic Rating System from How Casinos Rise to the Top

To create the most objective online casino rating, in which the influence of the site administrator (me) was minimal, so that the best casino took the top place, regardless of my attitude towards it, so that the rating was automatically considered and updated depending on the new data (new feedback from players, new game software, payment systems, etc.) – this idea came to me right away, as soon as I became part of the world of gambling.

Why is one casino better than another? What parameters are taken into account when forming the rating? How can a casino go to the top or descend to the bottom of the list? Read all this in this article.

The system is introduced in order to give players a source of reliable data that will form a real-time picture of both the individual casino and the entire market. The all-deciding and most important thing in the ranking system was what players consider to be the most significant in online gambling. There is a number of factors. All of them somehow influence the choice players make. But not all of them have the same impact. So the speed of payments or the quality of support in most of them will be important, while the number of banking methods, language adaptations or availability of a downloadable version is less significant.

And so every casino has a certain set of parameters: associated game software, ways to deposit and withdraw, speed of withdrawal of money (limits), casino license, currency currencies, support of different languages of the casino site, certified or uncertified casino on the site, players, and of course, unresolved complaints. In short – the more these casinos have all these positive parameters, provided high ratings of reviews of players and that there are no unsolved complaints – the higher the casino goes. Now: more detail.

Casino game software

Casinos with more software (a variety of games) have a higher rating. The software has a great influence on the position of the casino in the ranking system.

And every game software (provider) has its own “weight” in the rating – for example, NetEnt definitely has more significance than Real Time Gaming. So, the casino with the gaming software from Nenent will be higher in the rating than the casino with Booming Games Casinos, all other things being equal.

Player feedback and outstanding complaints

Reviews and complaints – this is the second factor that has a significant impact on the position in the ranking. High ratings seriously promote the casino to the top. But this does not mean that a casino with great reviews can take top place if it’s all bad according to other parameters …

At the same time, if the casino has a lot of offered game software, payment systems, there are no withdrawal limits, etc. and at the same time has low ratings of reviews of players – this casino will not occupy even the top10. It won’t slip to the very bottom, but шне will also not occupy the top positions in the system.

Payment systems

The more options for making a deposit in the casino and withdrawing from it – the better for the player, which means that such a casino will be higher up. More popular deposit methods (such as Visa, MasterCard, for example) have more “weight” and promote the casino brand in the ranking slightly more.

Online casino licenses

With the license everything is much simpler – all licenses have the same weight. Casinos with different licenses (other things being equal) will have the same place in the rankings. However, a casino with two licenses will be higher up than a casino with one license. A casino with three licenses is higher than with two licenses. And so on…

Currency and language support

Here the same principle applies – the more currencies the casino supports, the more languages the casino is translated into, the better for the player, and therefore in our rating, such casinos will be higher.

Certified casinos on

How to become a certified casino on the site? Certified casinos are those casinos in which we are sure, who lead an honest and transparent policy, participate in the life of the site, respond to the feedback and complaints of players on our website, show initiative and update information on bonuses (a representative of the casino has the opportunity to update information on bonuses, receives letters to the e-mail with each new revocation or complaint on our site).

Representatives of casinos and managers

The rating system is very clear about everything – there are no “I like this casino, and this brought me to …” – i.e. no sentimentality and “venality” … This is a well-designed algorithm. Yes – it is still a work in progress in terms of specific weight (or impact) of different parameters. But the system is almost ready – and it turned out really good!

Contact us if you have connected to a new provider, started supporting a new currency, joined a new payment system, etc. For any reason, contact us – so your brand will always have up-to-date information and, of course, grow in our rating.

There is no other way of getting to the top than getting certified with us.

Casino players!

Boldly grade each experience and company because your gaming experience will eventually draw a real picture – your voice counts and influences the position of the casino in the rating! The rating is updated every two weeks. The rating formula will be further developed and improved.

The Affgambler Team

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