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How To Get Affgambler’s Certificate Of Trust And Get To The Top Fast

An Affgambler Certificate of Trust will confirm that your online casino is a reliable place for online casino players. Moreover, it proves that you are transparent and focused, first of all, on the client,  ready to solve their problems as quickly as possible and willing to ensure full satisfaction and safety of their players.

What does the casino receive online?

  • The trust certificate icon on the review page and all lists and ratings on the site
  • The top 8 certified casinos appear on the main page of the site.
  • Only certified casinos can order a banner and branding on the site.
  • Internal reviews of certified casinos have their own branding features. If separate branding or banner is ordered on all pages of the site by someone (another certified casino), this will not happen to internal reviews of certified online casinos – their internal reviews always remain unchanged.
  • A certified casino has a small increase in calculating its rating
  • All certified casinos have their own list (rating) available through the main page, through the site menu and the link in the footer.

Any honest casino, focused, first of all, on creating the most comfortable conditions for the player, can become certified on the site

To obtain a certificate of trust, you must:

  1. Place a review of the casino on our site (to participate in the ranking), check and confirm all information about the casino. Only after 6 months of presence on can you try to get a certificate of trust.
  2. Register a casino representative on the site. Contact us ( for access to the representative of the casino. Your manager will respond to reviews of players and solve their problems in published complaints. A casino representative can publish new temporary activities (promotions and bonuses) and change old ones. When you publish a new complaint or a new response to the mail indicated when registering a representative of the casino, an alert will be sent.
  3. Place backlinks on the casino’s website, affiliate programs (usually in the footer) on our site, on a review of your casino or on the page of all complaints. Create a complaint page on the casino website (if such page already exists – add information about us). A decent casino does not worry about complaints and will always solve the problems of players as quickly as possible.
  4. Hold a high position on the automatic rating system.
  5. Have 80% resolved complaints (the more the better).
  6. Participation in the life of the site: updating information on old bonuses, publishing current bonuses and promotions, responding to player feedback and resolving disputes in player complaints – fully decent and reasoned responses to player complaints.
  7. Publish blog articles (an optional item). Like any user, a casino representative can publish blogs – unique articles about anything on gambling topics.

When adding a blog, do not forget to attach your casino to the article – a small overview of your casino will be added immediately under the article. These can be stories of players’ winnings, SEO articles with your brand’s keywords, announcements of upcoming events. Unique content is required, all articles are moderated. No copy-paste!

After 6 months, a representative of the casino contacts us and proposes to make his brand certified. We consider. We evaluate the implementation of all of the above points, the number of complaints (especially outstanding complaints), player feedback… and we make a decision.

If any of the above requirements are not satisfied, the casino will have 60 days to resolve the problem. If the requirements are not met, AffGambler will terminate the Trust Certificate. However, before taking any measures, the online casino will be definitely informed.

For any questions, please contact us at or Skype (most likely you have one)

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