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New article: What Online Slots to Play, Where and Why You Can Trust Them?

Slots can offer tremendous gaming experience. Good thing is that you don’t necessarily wager real money as almost each title offers demo mode so you can have a hands on experience to quickly get familiar with the gameplay and rules. What Slot Machines to Play? There are literally thousands of slot games …

New article: All You Need to Know About Online Casinos

Gambling can be fun and dangerous at the same time, and it isn’t just about having a run of bad luck. There are lots of rogue people lurking around and looking for someone to rob. Players need to be aware of that, but remember that legitimate, fair and responsible gambling …

New article: Registering Multiple Accounts in a Single Online Casino

Some gamblers register multiple accounts with the same online casino. How do they do that? It’s just a matter of submitting inaccurate personal data. But should players do that? Definitely not! Getting some lucrative bonuses more than once and abusing casino rules has consequences, and casinos won’t hesitate to punish …

New article: Slot Strategies Can’t Make You Win More and More Frequently

There are tons of slot strategies that supposedly can boost your chances of winning. But actually none of them can actually deliver on their promises of success. The simple fact that slots results are random, make the use of any betting strategy worthless if you pursue some financial benefits. Generally, it …

New article: Play Real Money Mobile Slots

After slot developers have moved to HTML5 format, it doesn’t really matter if you want to wager real money using your phone or your computer. Finding a casino games in any case won’t be a problem, unless you are a fan of some unpopular slots developed some time ago. All …

New article: Best Dragons Themed Online Casino Slots

There are lots of popular slot themes such as leprechauns, gold, adventure, Egypt and dragons is one of them. These mythical creatures often get featured in casino slots as they can ensure spectacular visuals and powerful animation. You can see dozens of versions produced by various developers, there are golden …

New article: New Online Casinos: Are They Safe?

Despite overwhelmingly large number of online gambling operators, new casinos get launched on a regular basis. There are new sites of all shapes and forms possible. Some are small, obviously low budget while others are huge, ambitious projects. If you are interested in joining one of the new players on …

New article: Best Alice Themed Online Casino Slots

Fairy tales are casino developers’ favorites when it comes to choosing slot themes, and what can be more appealing than exciting Alice in Wonderland story. There are numerous Alice themed online slots and here we’ll list some of the most exciting of them. Best Alice in Wonderland Slots White Rabbit by Big …

New article: How Players Cheat Online Casinos

For some cheating casino can be tempting as they see possible ways to get extra benefit. Why play by rules when breaking them can increases their chances of profiting? But this isn’t the most rational thinking. There are many people that try cheating casinos, and operators know how to detect …

New article: Online Casino Security: Threats and Security Measures

Online casinos are constantly targeted by criminals. Some want to hack their system and steal money, others want player data. And the threat doesn’t always come from the outside. Players also want to get hold of the money operators have. Online casinos need to have good security in place to …

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