How to Withdraw Money from Online Casinos?

If you’ve never withdrawn money from online casinos, there’s nothing to worry about. Your primary goal is to pick a decent, legitimate operator that will save you from many stressful moments. Check out our casino rating if you aren’t sure what options are there.

how to withdraw money from online casino

The process of withdrawing itself is very simple. You just need to log into your account, go to the cashier enter withdrawal amount, select payment method and request cash out. Operator should take care of everything else. They’ll contact you in case they need anything from you.

Before Making Deposits

Even before making a deposit you should check available withdrawals methods. Common rule is that players can get their money the same way they uploaded them. So, if you don’t want to wait for your money for too long, it’s better to consider that when you make a deposit.

Check withdrawal rules set out by the casino to see what average withdrawal time each of the methods offer. If you can’t find this information just contact customer support.

Account Verification

To ensure smooth and speedy withdrawal you can have your casino account verified in advance. Casinos have a habit of requesting documents when you want your winnings out, delaying the process. Being proactive in this case can save you some wait time.

How to Avoid Problems When Withdrawing Money?

There are a lot of warnings about casinos not paying the winnings. Once you make a deposit, there’s no way of getting the funds back.

There are lots of complaints about casinos refusing to withdraw money. Some of the accusations are false as players break casino rules and are not entitled to get the funds they want. But there’s no doubt that some casinos reject legitimate withdrawal requests. Check out blacklisted casinos to avoid such rogues.

Decent casino operators will always process legitimate cash out requests. There can still be some problems along the way, but eventually players will get their funds as operators have no intention to cheat.

Meanwhile, some shady gambling sites can process smaller withdrawals, but will try their best to stop you from cashing out big wins. These are operators licensed in jurisdiction known for its lack of involvement in the industry control.

Good thing is, you sometimes still have a chance of getting your money. Withdrawal issues can be resolved when players fight back and file complaints with third parties. But it’s always a risk, so it’s better to play in casinos that have good reputation and treat players fairly. Here’s the casino rating that can help you pick the right operator for you. If you have experience playing in one of them, you can leave a review helping other players make a better choice.

Withdrawal Fees and Schedules

Withdrawal fees will differ from casino to casino. You definitely should expect some sort of fees, but their size and conditions under which they are charged can vary significantly. Today many operators try to prevent players from withdrawing too often as they have to pay for every transaction. To cut the costs they can set a limit of free withdrawals and charge fees after it’s reached.

Another common requirement is to wager deposits certain number of times. If case wagering isn’t completed, withdrawals won’t be available or casino will collect withdrawal fees to compensate for costs.

You should also be aware of individual withdrawal limits. It isn’t a common and is considered to be a somewhat shady practice, but players need to make sure their selected casino doesn’t have this rule. Because otherwise, they will have to agree to whatever withdrawal schedule casino finds appropriate.

How to Withdraw Casino Bonuses?

Most of the casino bonuses today are withdrawable. After players meet wagering requirements, bonus credits and bonus winnings get credited to the real money account and are ready for cash out. There aren’t universal rules for clearing bonuses as each operator sets its own requirements. Therefore, you need to check rules of each individual offer even within the same casino.

How to Cash Out No Deposit Bonus?

The general rule is the bigger the bonus, the higher wagering requirements. For no deposit offers you might even see 100x playthrough. It’s also worth noting that even though players aren’t required to deposit in order to collect bonus, they will definitely have to upload some money before withdrawing no deposit bonus. Everything else is just like withdrawing a regular deposit bonus. Complete all requirements and you are free to request withdrawal.

How to Withdraw Online Casino Jackpots?

Operators implement different approaches to withdrawing progressive jackpots. Some of them say that regular withdrawal limits aren’t applied to jackpots, while others say the opposite. The former approach is always favorable as jackpots can be withdrawn in a single payment. Otherwise, it can take decades to collect some of the biggest jackpot wins if regular casino limits are applied.

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