William Hill Gives Back Over 1 000 000 Stolen Pounds

Now, you know our portal is solely dedicated to gamblers’ protection. You may be thinking “blah blah blah, it’s all so they can make money and gamers don’t really mean anything to them”. Well, the advice we give is 100% genuine, just like our games, and it can help you get out of potentially very tricky situations.

You may have heard about 28 people getting taken in for illegal deals in a Macao casino. Now, it turns out a government employee has been stealing money from his company for ages without anyone noticing, and using it for betting at William Hill (you’ll find them here).

All ended well, but we are forced to remind you a criminal statistic: only 1 out of every 4 crimes gets reported, 1 out of every 4  recorded, and 1 out of every 4 gets resolved. This means that 63 crimes out of 64 go unpunished. And that’s the UK statistics (we’re not even talking about the less civilized countries). Now you know why we ask you to take gambling extremely seriously, gamble sensibly, and ideally use our online casino ranking system too.

What Happened?

Dundy City’s very own Mark Conway was one of the most valuable assets to the company. He worked in IT, which he presumably though gave him the edge. He used the skills and the academic intellect to pull out 1 065 000 pounds of the company and no-one noticed a thing.

William Hill did the noble thing, of course, and returned the money. Well, we think it was William Hill because the City Council didn’t make clear who returned the money. But our bet is firmly on the beautiful corporate CEOs at William Hill with their fancy work ethic.

The payment was made purely out of goodwill (if we ever get to the point we hand out a million pounds out of the goodness of our hearts, kill us immediately because life doesn’t get any better from there).

What Now?

As you probably already know if you’re keeping track of the recent events, a guy who filed a case against Aristocrat for designing machines that were deceptive intentionally lost the case.

With growing concerns about ethics in the business, we keep thinking more and more about the need for a reliable regulator in this business. In the same way as governments are trying to regulate cryptocurrency, the world of online casinos is slowly but surely trying to make things as transparent and safe as possible.

Now, we think you know what we’re getting it. We may be biased, but when you choose an online casino we think our online casino rating system is vital. Our advice articles aimed at keeping you in the know are a very important layer of protection to add to your usual precautions.

We can’t stress enough the dangers of falling into the wrong hands and developing all kinds of habits. In the aftermath of the case, the main question some experts are asking is whether enough was done to prevent what happened. Are the sufficient safety measures in place to protect gamblers?

One of the parties, which we sometimes highlight in our chronicles as well as Gamblers Anonymous, is GambleAware, who also voiced their concern about the fact that the casino could have done more to provide better protection. Conway’s criminal practice, it seems, could have gone unnoticed were it not for pure luck. Ask yourself: are you safe? And consider our advice: it’s always better to be overprepared than get caught unprepared.

Best wishes

The Affgambler team.

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