Aristocrat Found “Not Guilty” Of Designing Deceptive Slot Machines

There are more and more concerns about the safety of gambling. To refresh your memory, in September 2017 a law firm Maurice Blackburn brought forward a case involving Crown Casino and Aristocrat claiming her 14-year-long addiction was because of slot machines that have been designed to make players think they’re winning when in fact they would lose.

Now, there are a lot of issues surrounding the subject of gaming addiction. For one, casinos clearly state that they are entertainment venues and not means of making money. If you’re into Natascha Dow Schull (ah, Natascha…), you would have read her book called “Gambling by Design” which explores casinos intentionally luring customers in so that they stay as long as possible.

Now, ultimately the consensus was reached about the integrity of online casinos on the whole. The latest measures insisted on by The UK Gambling Authority and The Competition and Market Authority will mean that gamblers can get their money out whenever they want quickly and easily and that there should be more work done dedicated to making online gambling (and all other forms of gambling) safe.

Are Slots Rigged?

What actually happened was that Shonica Guy, who was the person with an addiction, sued Aristocrat, who you will undoubtedly know, for designing one of its slots called The Dolphin’s Treasure, for intentionally misleading about the chances players take. “I want this case to show that the machines are misleading and the industry knows that their machines are addictive and they are designed to get us hooked.” – Ms. Guy said. 13 Billion a year is estimated to be spent on pokies.

There was a counterclaim by the representatives of the industry who stated that all the regulations were confirmed to and that adequate information was given.

The judge has concluded that no wrongdoing took place and the information given was enough. Shonica Guy ultimately lost the case but still managed to have some impact because after this awareness of the issue was raised (a lot), making people think twice before choosing a good casino.

“I’m grateful for the opportunity to have had my day in court on behalf of all Australians who have been hurt by the pokies, and I hope that this can lead to a better way forward so that others don’t have to go through what I did,” said Ms. Guy. The reps for the casinos were understandably euphoric about the outcome and having their names cleared (again).

Our Online Casino Rating System

Once again we ask you to take all possible precautions when you gamble online. We hope our online casino rating system is helpful in keeping you safe. When you choose to gamble, please read all the documentation and our articles that contain valuable information on the subject.

Also, keep watching the blog for the latest news about the regulations and new opportunities so you can make a wise choice.

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