Slot Strategies Can’t Make You Win More and More Frequently

There are tons of slot strategies that supposedly can boost your chances of winning. But actually none of them can actually deliver on their promises of success. The simple fact that slots results are random, make the use of any betting strategy worthless if you pursue some financial benefits.

slot strategies

Generally, it doesn’t hurt if slot players have extra fun implementing some strategies, unless these are aggressive negative progressions that suggest increasing wager size when players lose. This is what problem gamblers typically do – chasing the losses and it’s never a good thing.

The problem with betting systems is that players truly believe they can squeeze some additional wins and some are convinced that they can get rich quick. This will never be possible due to the random nature of slots, and as long as everyone understands it, slot strategies are fine and harmless.

Martingale Slot Strategy

It’s a negative progression that suggests players double their bets every time they lose. It doesn’t make much sense when applied to slots, but it has some logic when used to play roulette. The strategy was initially designed to play roulette and was later borrowed by other gamblers.

According to Martingale, players make even chance bets that give them roughly 50% chance of winning. Theoretically it can guarantee winnings when applied to roulette. But there are certain conditions that aren’t possible in real life. First is that there shouldn’t be table limits and second is that players have unlimited amount of money. That’s never possible in reality and it often pushes players to take too much risk as losing streaks can last quite long. When it comes to slots, using this strategy isn’t justified at all.

Umbrella Slot Machine Strategy

There’s another strategy, called Umbrella. Those who designed it recommend increasing wager amounts gradually or drastically and then following the same pattern decrease the amounts, for instance, 1-1-2-2-3-2-2-1-1. Players are free to increase and decrease wager sizes as much as they want as long as they stick to the pattern. There’s absolutely no logic behind it. So, you can just play around with it for fun.

Predefined Betting Patterns

This is the only slot developer that offers players predefined strategies. Each ELK Studios slot features four betting patterns that can be activated any time. All strategies are designed to automatically adjust wager amount. The beauty of these strategies is that they don’t promise anything. These are just the methods of controlling how much is spent:

  • Jumper – bets increase after winnings. Every time player wins, wager size increases to the next level all the way up until level 4. After that bet size stays the same and only gets lowered to the initial amount once there’s no win.
  • Leveler – after five consecutive losing spins a bet gets two steps higher and then by two more steps if another set of five rounds prove to be losing ones. Wager size will reset once there’s a win.
  • Booster – gradually increases bet size with every loss until it reaches certain level. The amount then goes down to an initial amount once player wins.
  • Optimizer – players set certain percentage of their balance as a wager amount. Every time player wins or loses, the amount adjusts accordingly.

Some players don’t use these betting strategies, while others might enjoy them. Good thing about ELK Studios’ feature is that patterns suit players with different risk aversion levels. Those who prefer safer gambling would probably choose Optimizer as it offers increased wager sizes only when players collect extra credits and once their luck turns its back on them, the strategy adjusts by decreasing bet sizes.

Bankroll Management

What players need to keep in mind is their balance. They should make it last for as long as they want, otherwise, they can quickly run out of money. That’s why it’s important to decide your initial wager. When you decide on how much to bet, don’t add the amount of expected winnings as you never know if there will be any. Make decision based purely on the money you have.


There is nothing wrong in increasing or decreasing slot wagers following certain betting strategies. You can do it manually or use predefined patterns just like ELK Studios slots offer. As long as you realize that this won’t give you any real financial benefits, you are fine.

There are certain slot machines that offer higher RTP value when max bet is enabled, but they typically require max betting all the time. Most important thing players have to know about slot machine strategies is that they shouldn’t expect to profit from that. These are just for fun.

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