Roulette Software: What Is That, How Much It Costs and What to Expect?

Playing roulette is exciting and risky. But for some even almost 50/50 chance of winning, which some of the bet types offer, isn’t enough. They want to earn money playing this casino game, and they are thinking of some sort of roulette software to make it happen.

roulette software

According to roulette software descriptions, players should enjoy more frequent wins when using it, and some sellers even offer 100% money back guarantee. If you like this idea and are ready to download, install and even pay for this opportunity, give it another thorough thought. Doesn’t it sound too good to be true? It actually is, and in most cases the goal of providers offering this software is to get their hands on your money.

How Roulette Software Works?

How roulette software works is a big mystery. Most probably, it just generates random results and tells players where they should be placing their bets. That kind of approach is nonsense. Product information would tell that the developer uses some sort of innovative algorithm that can predict results and help you win at roulette. Trusting these pieces of software is similar to going to a fortune teller. There’s no harm, but it costs money and is useless.

Different Roulette Software Types

Predictors are there to predict where the ball is going to land during the next game round. What they usually need to make a prediction is five last winning numbers. Considering there’s no relation between past and future wheel spins, this method is obviously hopeless.

There also are so called roulette calculators and analyzers, which basically do the same prediction job while using the same methods. They are just called different names. Enter the last winning numbers and voila! You should know where to place your bets.

Bot is the software type used to play roulette. They are designed to let players enjoy the game as viewers. No pushing buttons, no anything else to do. Just activate a bot and it does everything else. Unlike other roulette software offerings, bot developers do not generally try to lure you by telling you can get rich quick. However, some providers do refer to roulette bots as programs to earn money at online casinos. Make sure you aren’t fooled by them.

These are just applications to play roulette automatically. Before activating a bot, you should specify a bet size and a game strategy to implement. That’s it. You don’t even have to be around when the wheel spins and stops.

Bots can have several popular strategies like, for instance, Martingale to choose from. There’s nothing wrong about these strategies. But you shouldn’t expect any extraordinary results when using them and should realize the risks, especially when it comes to progressive betting systems, which can leave you with no money in a matter of minutes. So be careful when giving roulette bots permission to wager your real funds.

How Much the Software Costs?

The price varies significantly, starting from free offers and up to quite expensive ones. It depends on how persuasive and impressive the seller’s website is. Basically, there shouldn’t be any difference between roulette predictors. So it doesn’t really matter whether you spend $1,000 or get a free application.

Some providers offer free limited versions and ask for money if players want more features. There is a variety of subscription options. You can sometimes choose between weekly, monthly, yearly or even permanent subscriptions.

History of Roulette Software

First pieces of software designed to play roulette are considered to appear in 2007, and these were Roulette Killer and Roulette Sniper. Players had to enter the results of previous spins and the software would tell what to bet on. For over a decade just a few things have changed. Today you still enter last winning numbers to get predictions, but some new, insignificant features, like selecting a game developer, were added. But these haven’t made them more helpful. No roulette predictor/analyzer/calculator is able to predict game results as winning numbers are generated randomly.

Authors of this software don’t just cheat players when promising guaranteed results, but give bad advice. They, for instance, can recommend increasing bet size after their predictions turned out to be wrong. Never make decisions relying on such advice as their only goal is to convince you into buying or using their software. Always spend the money you can afford to lose and avoid increasing your wagers. That behavior has made many players regret afterwards.

Bots were first launched in 2009. A couple of years later, players could see variety of free roulette software. Using them was free, but players were required to share their winnings with a developer. Or they require players play at certain casinos that would pay them commission.

Where to Download Roulette Predictors?

There are tons of resources. Along with some shady websites you wouldn’t like to deal with, there are quite decent ones that look like reputable resources. You’ll find variety of options to download the software. There’s no one certain roulette predictor that would stand out, and it doesn’t really matter which one of them you choose.

To find the software you need, just use any search engine. There should be lots and lots of results. All of the offers have one thing in common, fake player reviews and huge promises. If sellers have done a great job, it should feel like their software for online roulette is effective, popular and makes people happy.

Casino Prohibits Using Any Software

Beware that online casinos aren’t happy about someone using any software. Although there is no evidence that roulette analyzers can help players win, operators do not allow that. If you fail to adhere to this rule, that can be used as a legitimate excuse not to pay you.

Some roulette predictor providers claim that casinos aren’t able to determine you use their software. But whether it’s true or not, you always take extra risks. Think of the situation when you get lucky and win nice amount of money, just to find out that your casino punished you for breaking their rule.

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