Roulette Secrets To Maximize Your Chances of Winning

The main roulette secret to remember is that it is a game of chance. It’s a well known fact, still many players seem to forget that. They are looking for secret ingredients to winning and ignore the fact that it’s simply good luck they need. However, there are certain so called “roulette secrets” that help minimize the chances of losing.  

roulette secrets

Choosing the Right Roulette Type

Players should know the difference between roulette versions and pick the most profitable ones. By making conscious choice, it’s very simple to ensure maximum theoretical return (RTP). There are three classic roulette types and French version is the most lucrative one, then comes European, and the least profitable is American.

Apart from those three classic versions, there are many more roulettes available and players need to make smart choices. That means paying attention to the house edge of a particular game version. Note also that sometimes different roulette wagers can offer different RTP.

Purpose of Playing Roulette

When playing roulette gamblers can pursue different goals, and one of the secrets to a successful gambling session is to know what you want from it. Different goals would suggest different risk levels and different behavior. For those who just want to relax and have a nice time, lowest risk wagers are the best choice.

If you are up to some thrill and maximum payouts, then highest risk wagers are for you. These are single number or pair wagers or a couple of other roulette bet types. But in this case you should be ready to a long streak of bad luck and losses rather than lots of happy moments. There’s a good chance of losing all the money without a single win, and you need to be ready for that.

What Are Real Roulette Secrets?

There are certain things to watch for when playing roulette at brick and mortar casinos. Being a good observer can pay dividends due to human or mechanical errors. But this won’t work for online casinos as they use random number generator and not real wheels or real dealers.

Mechanical Imperfections

Roulette wheel requires perfect assembling and perfect conditions of all the key elements. In case anything is out of perfect, this will result in the biased wheel and not completely random game results. Usually it isn’t simple to spot such situations as they won’t be visible to the naked eye.

Don’t expect anything extreme as roulette wheel will never be too biased. Otherwise, casino would have noticed and fixed that. Some players make living chasing faulty roulette wheels and exploiting them, and when they do find them, they are unlikely to share this precious roulette secret with anyone. Otherwise, casino would very soon notice the problem.

Human Error

It’s believed that dealers can play their role in creating certain patterns. They throw a ball with consistent speed at the same angle and it lands in specific areas of the wheel more frequently. But there are more factors contributing to the randomness of the ball’s landing. Starting point of the wheel is important, ball bouncing off the bumps is another factor to consider. As a result, the effect dealers can have on the end result is minimized.

But there’s another real roulette secret related to dealers, which is, they can miscalculate your winnings. Their job seems to be easy, when in fact it’s not. They are under constant psychological pressure and must quickly calculate how much each winner gets, and sometimes they can make mistakes. So keep that in mind.


Roulette is a very well constructed game making a ball travel unpredictably. At least average human brain has no chance of factoring in everything and instantly producing accurate predictions. But there are special devices that can calculate approximate landing zone based on the data collected from those few seconds after a ball is released and before dealers closes the betting session. The problem is casinos won’t let you use these types of devices as this is a real threat for them.

Betting Systems

There are plenty of roulette strategies, and some players are convinced that the one of them can make them win. But that isn’t true. Greatest minds had well over one hundred years to produce a winning strategy. Still today there’s no known winning strategy and the challenge is uncompleted. Whatever bet combination you use, it’s impossible to get advantage over casino whether it’s in the short or long run.

However, that doesn’t mean players should never use any strategy. The secret is you can. Why not? If you like certain strategy and believe it has some magical effect, there’s nothing wrong with that. You just shouldn’t expect too much from it and should be aware of any additional risk you take. Some systems suggest players take crazy amount of risk that can make them bust in a matter of minutes.

Online Roulette

Online casino eliminates both the possibility of mechanical wheel bias and human error. Results are produced by a random number generator, and a spinning wheel with a ball you see on your screen is just an animation. So basically, online roulette doesn’t have any secrets.

But unlike land based casinos, gambling sites give the opportunity to abuse bonuses. Players do collude and incorporate bonuses to gain advantage. But just like in case with brick and mortar casinos, this behavior won’t be tolerated and once operator becomes aware of that, players are sure to get punished.


You probably wanted to see some instructions on what to do to win at roulette. Do this and that… But there are basically no roulette secrets players wish to have and everything is pretty straightforward. Make wise choices that minimize casino edge and wait for a good luck.

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