Online Casino Strategies. Recommendations to Novice Gamblers

Some players think of online casino as a source of income and believe they just need to find a perfect strategy to start earning money. But this is a false assumption. Magic strategies or other tricks that can help win more don’t exist. There are, however, some recommendations one can follow to play responsibly and enjoy experience.

online casino strategy

Bankroll Management Casino Strategy

It’s believed that the difference between casino winners and losers is in the ability to manage bankroll. This expression sounds true. Players unable of controlling their gambling spending often leave casino deeply unsatisfied with the fact that they haven’t left earlier.

To shape bankroll management strategy, players need to decide how much they can afford to spend on wagers and how the money should be distributed. After monthly, weekly or daily limits are set, it’s possible to calculate how much is allowed per bet.

Usually players are advised to keep their wagers as low as 1% of their bankroll or even less. If you, for instance, have $100, maximum bet should be $1. This rule is applicable to various industries and not only gambling. The same 1% of the bankroll limit is recommended to Forex traders.

Online Casino Strategy. Don’t Play Too Fast

If you play slot machines, you shouldn’t be playing in quick spin mode or use auto spin feature. Casino games are there to have fun and higher speed doesn’t mean better experience. It just means potentially more losses. These two features can eat up all your money in no time as you’ll play 5-10 times faster. As a result, your potential loss will be 5-10 times bigger.

Of course, you can win, but always remember of the house edge players can’t beat. You can enjoy spinning reels at a slower pace and still have fun. Other games usually don’t have the option of speeding up game rounds. That’s why this casino strategy rule is applicable only to slot machines.

Once you know how much you can spend for one session and how long each session should last you can calculate how much per round is allowed to spend. Just divide maximum amount to spend on the time. Play in practice mode to find out how many rounds per minute can be played.

If your bankroll isn’t enough to play as long as you want, one of the solutions would be to play every other round. Another option would be to play in practice mode first and then in real money mode. Or you can just decrease wager size.

Look at professional poker players as they are role models when it comes to managing bankroll and risk. They all master self discipline and know how much they should bet and when to stop. This bankroll management strategy is one of the factors of their success.

Always remember to risk only the money you can afford to lose. This is very important to remember, but is overlooked by many players. Excessive casino spending is a bad sign. That means players are at risk of developing a gambling problem. There are ways to take this problem under control by setting loss, deposit, session duration and other limits. Not all operators offer these responsible gambling tools, so you should pay attention to that.

Using Casino Promotions

Casino bonuses can help get as much as possible out of your deposits. But not any offer is worth accepting. Some promotions will just make your play less profitable. Casino strategy should define what bonuses are acceptable. The problem with promotions is that there are wagering requirements. Casinos can set very high playthrough requirement which is hard to complete.

Along with standard deposit bonuses, players can benefit from cashback offer, loyalty program and other types of promotions. This way they’ll play longer with the same deposit. If you consider accepting bonuses, always make sure they don’t make you take higher risks than you would otherwise prefer.

Choosing Where and What Games to Play

It’s very important to choose the right operator and right games to play. There should be no doubts about casino fairness. Bad operators would do different things to prevent players from withdrawing money, especially when it comes to big wins. First thing to do is to check a casino’s license and its reputation. Other important factors are player reviews, withdrawal speed and customer support. You can look through our Casino Rating to choose an operator.

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# Online casino AffGambler RatingWelcome bonusReviews 
1 Slotocash4.31
  • 200% up to $15000 reviewsMore »
    2 Miami Club4.28
  • 100% up to $1002 reviewsMore »
    3 Red Stag4.28
  • 275% up to $2004 reviewsMore »
    4 Slots Capital4.28
  • 100% up to €10000 reviewsMore »
    5 Desert Nights4.28
  • 100% up to €10003 reviewsMore »
    6 Fair Go Casino4.28
  • 100% up to $2000 reviewsMore »
    7 Free Spin3.8
  • 250% up to €70000 reviewsMore »
    8 Eclipse Casino3.0
  • 360% up to €70001 reviewMore »
    9 Golden Lion3.0
  • 350% up to €70002 reviewsMore »
    10 Bovegas Casino3.0
  • 350% up to €70002 reviewsMore »
    11 Supernova3.0
  • 350% up to €70002 reviewsMore »
    12 Optibet Casino3.0
  • 100% up to €1001 reviewMore »
    13 Optibet.lv3.0
  • 100% up to €1000 reviewsMore »
    14 Optibet.ee3.0
  • 100% up to €3000 reviewsMore »

    To further optimize your casino strategy you also need to choose right games considering not just your own preferences, but the level or risk games offer. Distribution of winnings is another important thing. Check volatility of games. If it’s low, there will be more even distribution of payouts. Meanwhile, high volatility means less predicted results and therefore high risk.

    Are There Winning Casino Strategies?

    Players won’t find betting systems and strategies that would offer guaranteed wins. But there are some methods make your play as rational as possible. For instance, basic strategy in blackjack minimizes the house edge. For different games there can be different strategies to maximize theoretical return to player, but they never guarantee certain results.

    There’s just no such thing as a winning strategy if we are talking about legitimate wins. All casino games have return to player rate less than 100%, meaning that casino always wins. Unfortunately there are no betting strategies that can beat the house edge. Even basic strategy in blackjack doesn’t guarantee profit and just helps reduce the house edge. If your goal is to find the perfect winning casino strategy, forget about it.

    Winning Casino Strategy Scams

    Some people are so obsessed with the idea of getting rich by gambling they become an easy prey for scammers. When players desperately want a casino strategy that would make them rich, they are likely to pay scammers. By purchasing strategies, they won’t improve their chances of winning. Winnings will be random anyway.

    For each casino game there are usually tons of free strategies available free of charge. Use them to have more fun as long as they do no harm. But be aware of progressive strategies as they are too risky and will make you go bust in a matter of minutes. It’s much safer to implement fixed wager strategies.

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