How to Block Casino Sites?

The negative effects of gambling are well known. Some players need to protect themselves from the urge to make another casino bet. Fortunately, there are variety of tools one can use when looking for the answer on how to block casino sites.

Blocking Single Casino Sites

Self Exclusion

First line of defense against overspending is not casino website blocking, but simply self exclusion. This way you won’t be able to access your account, make deposits, place bets or get promo offers. Ideally, you won’t get anything that would remind you of that casino and trigger the need to gamble.

But the problem with this option is that it’s just one casino you eliminate, and hundreds of other operators are still available. Self excluding yourself each time from a single casino isn’t the most effective option as you’ll always find another operator. In addition, self exclusion doesn’t always work as expected.

Sometimes even big, reputable gambling operators fail to implement restrictions after player’s request. Casinos are to blame for that and players should have their losses compensated. Not all operators are responsible enough for that, and some just prefer to ignore the problem.

Casinos licensed in reputable jurisdictions, UK casinos, for instance, are closely watched and submitting a formal complaint to the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) should solve the problem for players. But Curacao licensed operators won’t always be fair as their operations aren’t well monitored.


One of the better options would be to self exclude from multiple operators at once. GamStop is one of the solutions to consider. Variety of UK casinos has joined GamStop and once you register with them, self exclusion will be activated at all operators in their data base.

Responsible Gambling Tools As Alternative to Blocking Casino Sites

In some cases instead of blocking casino sites, you are better off activating responsible gambling tools. These are deposit, loss and wager limits. It’s wise to also set game session duration limit. Keep in mind that these measures aren’t offered by all online casinos. So always check if they are available.

How to Block Multiple Casino Sites at Once?

There is special software designed for this purpose. One of the decent solutions is BetBlocker that was developed not with the goal of earning money, but to help people protect themselves from online gambling.

BetBlocker is a free piece of software that is free from ads and anything else not related to helping players restrict access to gambling resources. What it does is just blocking casinos. Developers say the program doesn’t collect any user data and their only goal is to help casino players.

BetBlocker offers variety of restriction lengths starting from 24 hours and up to permanent restriction. You just need to choose the time period and the software will automatically block you from thousands of casino sites. If you know some of the gambling resources not blocked automatically, you can still do it manually.

If after activating BetBlocker you want to cancel the restriction, it won’t work. Even once the program is uninstalled and removed from the computer, you’ll have to wait for the rest of the time period to pass before accessing gambling sites again. This can be crucial because when emotional, players can’t think rationally and can try to play casino games. The decision they often later regret.

Since the developers pursued altruistic goals, the program can be uploaded to any type of device and can be used by any number of gamblers. And that’s all for absolutely free. Besides setting a restriction time period, it offers parental control mode, which is another great tool for problem gamblers.

Paid Casino Blocking Software

There are paid programs that also designed for the same purpose of blocking online casinos. But when having a great free software such as BetBlocker, there’s basically no sense of paying for a different solution. But you can try paid alternatives as well. They shouldn’t cost too much. Perhaps you’ll find something more suitable for your needs. Gamban, for instance, costs just €11.99 annually for a single device. The software will block both legitimate and rogue operators.

Gamban positions itself as the most effective casino site and gambling application blocking software. And that’s the opinion GambleAware has agreed with. The UK based organization picked this product to help problem gamblers break free from their addiction. Those who contacted GambleAware will use Gamban for free.

After giving a bit of effort to searching for similar software, you’ll find lots of other options. Those who want to limit their gambling have variety of choices.

Parental Control

Players can try bypassing their own casino blockings. Depending on how much time they invest, their efforts can pay off. That’s why sometimes it’s wise to let others control your gambling. This can be done by using parental control software on all devices you can get your hands on. Usually online casinos recommend NetNanny, but you can use other programs as well. BetBlocker, for instance, also offers this option.

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