Online Casino Problem Gambling: How to Quit Playing Slots?

Being addicted to slot machines and any type of gambling is a painful experience. People suffering from gambling addiction aren’t happy about what’s going on. They don’t feel good both physically and psychologically after spinning reels for hours like zombies. Problem gambling is a serious issue but there’s a way back to a normal life.

Casino Regulators Fighting Against Problem Gambling

Today many solid jurisdictions pay closest attention to ensuring safer online gambling. For that they make sure operators introduce responsible gambling tools. Some countries introduce national self exclusion systems so that players won’t exclude themselves from each online casino separately. After adding their information to a single data base they won’t be able to access any gambling site in their country. But this solution isn’t wide spread and meanwhile, players need to look for other methods.

Software to Fight Problem Gambling at Online Casinos

There is some software available to tackle gambling addiction. One of them is Gamban. It is considered the most effective by GambleAware. The organization came to this conclusion after testing several of the similar applications. This application is now provided for free to some of the problem gamblers whom GambleAware helps to recover.

Gamban as well as other similar pieces of software block access to online casino sites. There’s no need to go to GambleAware or any other organization. You just need to buy subscription. Gamban would cost you 11.99 Euro a year for one device. The price is very much reasonable because addicts can lose way more money to betting. Gamban isn’t the only application to stop you from accessing casino websites and gamble. So, you can look for other applications and compare them.

Parental Control Solutions

Problem gamblers who play slots a lot can use parental control solutions. Net Nanny is one of them. Such applications are designed for parents to control resources their children can access online. Parents would block undesired content and receive reports of their children’s attempting to access blocked sites. But this software can be utilized to fight online casino problem gambling.

Family members of a gambling addict would be happy to help and take control to make sure no casino sites can be accessed. Net Nanny isn’t free as well. It costs from $9 to $39.99, depending on how many devices you want to control. But if you are playing slots every day for long hours, buying parental control software is perfectly justified.

Casino Slots Addiction: Community Support

Sometimes realizing that you aren’t alone in your struggle can make you feel better and more determined to change the situation. That’s why it’s recommended to look for special forums where players share similar stories and experiences and support each other. Those who don’t have personal experience suffering from gambling addiction are less likely to understand what’s going on in addicts’ mind and what would be the right words to say.

Participating in forum conversations helps fight gambling addiction. You meet new people who went through the same difficulties, understand you and are not going to judge you. It’s great to have an open conversation and specialized forums are perfect for that.

Gambling addiction can lead to some very serious problems. It isn’t just players who suffer, but their family. If gambling isn’t taken under control, some players end up in a jail. There are many cases of gamblers stealing money. They can steal from family members, employers, friends or anyone else.

These are mostly regular people who happen to be prone to developing a gambling addiction. They can be of different background: education, profession, financial status, etc. It can be a student stealing to fund a gambling addiction, nurse, finance director and even a businessman stealing millions from customers. No one is immune.

Responsible Gambling to Limit Losses

For players who got addicted to slot machines, it’s difficult to immediately stop playing. But these radical actions aren’t necessary as there’s another solution. Using responsible gambling tools is a good option to keep casino wagering under control. These are deposit, wager and loss limits. Players can also choose to limit the duration of each gaming session.

These tools aren’t offered by every online casino. So you need to pay attention to that. There are some jurisdictions that make it obligatory for operators to provide responsible gambling tools. Take, for instance, casinos licensed in the UK. All of them have to make sure players have everything to be able to limit losses. You just need to set those limits and adjust them when necessary.

One of the biggest problems that drive gambling addicts crazy is losing too much. In an attempt to get back what they’ve lost players risk more and, as a result, lose even greater amounts of money. Growing despair makes players completely out of control, and that’s when they make crazy decisions. You can set maximum bet size, maximum daily, weekly and monthly losses. If those limits don’t trigger the desire to chase losses, you are safe. So just play as small as possible to stay safe.

A combination of different solutions can be used to fight slot gambling addiction. For example, utilize responsible gambling tools and give someone a parental control to make sure you don’t access sites you aren’t supposed to. Try different methods to find the one that will suit you.

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