Biggest Online Casino Wins and How to Win Big

What’s amazing about casino games is that you can hit a life changing win in a split second. How big payouts can be depends on how much is wagered and what game is played. Most players on average withdraw less money than they deposit, but few lucky ones can literally leave casinos with pockets full of money. Let’s talk about biggest online casino wins, how much you can get and how you can do that.

What Is the Biggest Online Casino Win?

Online casino win records get updated regularly, but progressive jackpot slots are responsible for all of them. For quite a long time the biggest win had been the one landed in 2013. Some extremely lucky player from Finland hit €17,861,813 Mega Fortune jackpot. But at the end of September 2018 this record was broken. Mega Moolah slot machine paid an unknown player €18,915,721, which is a crazy amount of money.

The same progressive jackpot attempted to break the record just few months later, at the beginning of January 2019. Even though the amount was 20,057,734, it was in US dollars and not in Euros, which at that moment translated into around €17.45 million. Some day this amount can exceed 20, 30 or even 50 million Euros since there’s no limit.

Big wins land all the time at online casinos. But multi-million jackpots are rare, especially when it comes to those over 10 millions. By now there have been just around a dozen of them.

What Amount You Can Win at Online Casinos?

Win amount can vary a lot from less than 1x your bet to anything above that. This potential depends on what game is played. For instance, roulette typically has a maximum win of 35x. As the max multiplier is quite limited, players can’t collect huge wins unless they increase their wager.

Blackjack is the same. Payouts are either 1:1 or 3:2. Most casino games have low max win limits. But slots, which are the most popular choice for players, are different and can pay colossal amounts of money.

A single bet can turn anyone into a multi-millionaire and that doesn’t require a thousand dollar wager. Betting $1 or even less can result in such colossal wins. Turning into a millionaire is highly unlikely, but every player has a slim chance when playing titles connected to some of the most prominent progressive jackpot networks.

Biggest online casino wins all landed on progressive slot machines. Top slot payouts are usually hundreds and thousands times bigger than what other games can pay. This possibly is the major reason online casino slots are so popular. One lucky spin and you can make all your dreams come true. But gambling is not all about fun and winning, keep in mind that casino always has an edge and players in general lose more than win. So play responsibly.

The only problem with slots is that players themselves can’t control the level of risk like they do when they play roulette, for instance. Roulette offers variety of bets with different chances of winning. Video slots usually lack this option, and there are just few exceptions.

How to Win Big at Online Casinos? Choosing Slots to Play

While games like roulette, blackjack and baccarat require bigger wagers to win bigger amounts, slot machines are a bit different. Players need to look at maximum payout and volatility of a game.

Maximum payout is how much a single bet can win you. It’s usually displayed as a multiplier to player bets. Volatility is another key factor, and it says how winnings are going to be spread: small frequent or big and rare or anything in between. If you want to get the biggest casino wins, volatility should be very high.

Another key characteristic to consider is return to player (RTP) that shows how much on average will return to players in the form of winnings. 98% RTP means that $1,000,000 wagered by gamblers will return to them as $980,000 in winnings, while the rest of the money will go to casino. But this ratio doesn’t apply to a single player as there should be enormous number of rounds played to get real RTP close to theoretical.

Where to Play?

The chances of winning aren’t affected by the casino you choose. But keep in mind, that some developers offer several versions of each slot, and each version has its own RTP. So, you obviously want to have the one with highest RTP.

Other than that, it’s all about luck. If you get lucky, you will collect some impressive payouts whether it will be at a small or at one of the most well known casinos. Always keep in mind that choosing a trustworthy casino is your priority. Otherwise, you might face variety of problems, and most often they are withdrawal related. There’s no point in getting the biggest win and being unable to withdraw it.

Best online casinos make sure player experience is smooth. They are honest and ensure fair gaming, what’s most important is that they don’t intend to cheat. Sometimes they do misjudge situations, but they are ready to fix them. That’s why it’s always better to pick the best, most reputable online casinos. You can check out our casino rating to select operators.

Another thing to consider when selecting a gambling website is bonuses, because they can make your money last. Almost all operators offer different promos ranging from small to quite big. But the size of the bonus isn’t the only important thing to consider. Bonus wagering is the main factor to determine if the promo is really lucrative. The best option is to choose casinos with low or no bonus wagering, but there are just few of them.

Maximum Withdrawal Amount

If your goal is to win big, always check what withdrawal limits casinos have. Setting cash out limit is a general practice and the amount can vary hugely. Some operators apply those limits to regular winnings, while others apply them to progressive jackpots as well. In case you land a massive win, you won’t be able to get your hands on all of the money at once as they will be paid in increments. And the bigger is your win the longer you’ll wait. Sometimes it can take years. So if you are after some life changing amounts, make sure to check withdrawal rules and limits.

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