How to Access Online Casinos Blocked in Your Country?

If you are unable to access an online casino you are interested in, there is a variety of methods to solve this problem. VPN, special browsers, downloadable casino software, mirror sites – there are ways to deal with that. But depending on particular circumstances there will be different options to use.

Mirror Sites

The first and easiest way to access online casino blocked in your country is using a mirror site. It offers the same functionality and basically is the same casino site but accessed through another domain. The purpose for casino mirrors is to serve as a backup address in case there are any problems with the main domain. But operators targeting certain markets utilize this tool to bypass government restrictions on online gambling. When main domain gets blocked, they provide a mirror site for gamblers to keep playing.

how to access blocked online casinos

What Online Casino Mirrors Can Offer?

Everything you can do when accessing the main casino address, you can do when using their mirror site: sign up, log in, play, deposit, withdraw, contact support, get promos and literally everything. Unless an operator can’t keep up with new mirrors being blocked, this is a useful option. It’s safe for players and convenient as usually they get redirected to a casino mirror automatically.

There are certain resources that offer mirror site addresses, but you must be aware of the risks when using them. Some of those resources might be rogue, that’s why it’s always safer to communicate directly with a casino. Usually operators offering mirror sites ask to contact them through social media and messengers in addition to email and chat.

How to Find Casino Mirror?

It’s very simple. Most of the times, you’ll be redirected automatically to a casino mirror, you just need to enter a main address. If that doesn’t happen, try contacting customer support. Email them, call or use social media or messengers. But always make sure you have their official account. Some rogues will try to lure people pretending they represent famous casino brands. They direct players to casinos that have no license and offer fake gaming content.

Problems with Using Casino Mirror When Accessing Blocked Operators

One of the major issues players might face is that operators they are interested in don’t provide any alternative domains. You should be looking for operators targeting specific markets like, for instance, Russia. Those casinos are mainly registered in Curacao, the jurisdiction famous for its lack of control over their licensees.

For those coming from regulated markets registering with Curacao licensed casinos would be stepping outside the safety of their local jurisdiction. But there are some good, trustworthy Curacao operators and you just need to be more careful when choosing one. You can check our casino rating to see what options are available.

Another thing is that well known, big brands don’t care if they get blocked in certain countries as their main focus is regulated markets. That’s why most often big brands aren’t the option. So your choice will be limited to those less famous, not world renowned operators.

Can I Use VPN to Gain Access to Blocked Casinos?

The answer is Yes and No. It all depends on what casino you are considering. Some operators are fine with players using VPN, while others prohibit the use of these types of software or any method that masks or changes user IP. There are also those that neither encourage nor restrict using it, what they say is they “do not recommend” it.

can I use VPN to access blocked casinos

Why do operators make a problem out of this? The thing is bonus abusers might be willing to use VPN to collect bonuses multiple times. Welcome packages, which happened to be most lucrative, are generally offered to new players only and only once. But there are those who create duplicate accounts and claim welcome bonuses multiple times. These folks use VPN, that’s why casinos might treat any player using VPN with caution.

Advantages of VPN

What VPN does is it changes your IP. By changing your IP you’ll always have access to any blocked online casino. There is a variety of VPN solutions, some of them free and some are paid. You can have them as separate programs or as browser extensions. Free VPN works fine, and paying for one isn’t necessary.

When Using VPN Is a Bad Idea?

When it’s online casino itself restricting players from your country, it’s not a good idea to try and break their rules. Do not bother to hide your IP because sooner or later operators will figure this out. Moreover, some operators are able to identify players real IP even when they activate VPN. Other than that, it’s a good, reliable way of accessing online casino blocked in your country. So, always make sure casinos allow this option.

If customer support says you are free to use VPN, double check it yourself and see if there’s anything in their terms and condition that conflicts with that statement. Do not rely purely on their words as they might not provide accurate information. And if they do mistakenly allow you to use VPN to access their casino site, you’ll be in trouble later on when it’s time to withdraw money. Some operators won’t take into consideration the fact their staff misinform players.

Alternative Solutions

While online casino mirrors and VPN are the most popular methods to access blocked online casino sites, there are other options. Downloadable casino software is one of them, but it isn’t that popular and there are relatively few operators offering that solution. Having casino app on your computer or cell phone eliminates the need of changing IP or getting special links. But always make sure you get official casino apps. Another option is using Tor browser or anonymizers that mask your IP. But again, check with operators if they allow that.


Players from unregulated and regulated markets both face this dilemma. How do they get access to gambling sites blocked in their country? The main reason them looking for an answer to this question is that online gambling being prohibited or heavily regulated in their country so that players can’t enjoy perks or choice available to others. In any case, using any of the aforementioned options can solve the problem, but make sure to follow casino rules and stay away from rogues.

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