How Many Lines to Choose in Slots?

Today we will analyze such an interesting thing as the ability to set the number of lines in the slots and the affects of it. I think it’s obvious to all that if we expose the minimum possible number of lines the game becomes MORE dispersive, that is, we can win more in terms of the bet, but we will not win more often.

Although there are several interesting points. If the casino uses adaptive mathematics, then it’s no matter how many lines are there and at what bet we play, because the potential win is already limited. But if the casino uses really random math, then the slot becomes more risky.

But! There are nuances, I try to play with all the lines, except for the slots like Book of Ra, where the launch of the bonus game occurs after any 3 scatters, regardless of their positions and lines. That is, the number of lines does not affect the chance of a bonus game in any way, but in the bonus game there will be less payout amount, since it will come out of 5 lines, not out of 10. In games where only the bonus means difference, I think it’s better to put the smaller number of lines, but the bet must be bigger that the opposite, usually you get to win more.

Another exception is slots with a small number of lines from 3 to 5, where it is sometimes advantageous to place a big bet and play on one line, all kinds of 777, although you can also deposit money to some kind of Starburst with one line as well.

If we’ll think about this case from the mathematical point of view, then at a long distance it does not matter how many lines you play with, that is, fewer lines will just be less likely to give the combinations, that’s all.

For me, the easiest way is always to play with maximum number of lines and don’t worry, I sometimes think it does not matter how you play, the player does not really depend on anything, you need to stupidly catch the good moment when the machine gives you a win. I think everyone knows that your choice of all kinds of wilds in the bonus games, the number of spins and so on does not affect anything, and this is already known to a computer in advance, computers knows the amount that it is ready to pay you.

If anyone has any strategy of a game on a smaller number of lines – write me, I will be happy to discuss it, but it seems to me that any strategy here is nonsense!

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