Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time, has five reels and 30 paylines. In the game you will see symbols with the image of a princess, a knight, a dragon, a goblin and others corresponding to this fairy tale.

A symbol with a dragon performs a wild function only when it appears in the first position on the third reel. And it expands to the whole drum.

At least three characters with the image of the door in which the goblins live, free spins will start on the active line.

At least three pictures with a bag anywhere on the screen start the click me function. You just need to click on the bags, and get a win. The game will end when “collect” appears.

If the knight and the princess are on the drums on the same line, then they will kiss, and you will receive a cash prize.

The first bonus game will begin after the appearance of at least three pictures with a goblin on any winning line. Goblins are known professional thieves. You will go with them to the castle and help to steal valuables. After that, you will receive a monetary reward.

The second bonus game begins when at least three characters appear with the image of the knight on the active line. In this bonus round, you must help him save the princess from the clutches of the dragon. Naturally, if successful, you will receive a prize.

Slot Once upon a time has a lot of interesting and original functions. The game is so fascinating that it is not so easy to break away from it.

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