Quickspin Will Launch Joker Strike Featuring Hi Roller Modes with Guaranteed Wilds

If you are willing to bet big, you will be able to buy some extra perks for yourself. Quickspin’s upcoming Joker Strike, which will be released on April 10, features Hi Roller modes that increase your chances of landing a win, and that’s what some players would love. Overall, Joker Strike is pretty much similar with the Second Strike video slot the studio produced three years ago.

One of the most intriguing things about Joker Strike is the outer wheel that surrounds traditional 5×3 reel set. When you hit a win, this outer wheel gets activated and several winning symbols appear on it. If you hit a symbol on this wheel, Joker Strike feature gets triggered and up to 10 winning symbols randomly land on the reels to award some extra wins. If you land 5 of a kind combination, you have all 5 reels covered with the similar symbols in case Joker Strike is activated.

The only significant difference between Joker Strike and Second Strike is that the former features Hi Roller modes. When the feature is activated, players are offered to select one of three modes:

  • €20 bet will buy 5 spins with one guaranteed Wild during each spin.
  • €30 bet will buy 5 spins with guaranteed Wilds and awards Wild Strike feature. There will be Wild symbols on the outer wheel
  • €50 bet guarantees wilds, Wild Strike and Double Chance for the duration of 5 spins. Double Chance adds one extra market on the outer wheel so that your chances of hitting a symbol or a Wild double

This Joker Strike feature, allowing players earn between 6 and 10 more winning symbols is one of the main reasons the slot seems to be so promising. However, it isn’t rare that the marker misses the symbol on the outer wheel. So, don’t expect this bonus round to get activated too often. Play Second Strike to see what the upcoming title will feel like. These are two basically similar video slots, except for Hi Roller feature wasn’t previously available.

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