Is It Possible to Earn Money Playing Casino Games?

Casino is all about taking risk, winning and losing. But is it a good place to earn money? This question bothers many people and in search for answers they sometimes get scammed. There are ways to make casinos return more than they take. But this isn’t easy money players collect with zero risk and by simply manipulating games or using magic strategy.

earn money playing casino games

Casinos and casino games are well protected against anyone willing to tweak game software. So don’t even think of going that way. There are semi legitimate methods of earning money while playing casino games. They aren’t approved by operators, but gamblers still secretly use it to gain advantage.

Bonus Hunting

It is one of the most obvious advantage play techniques. Bonus hunting isn’t about taking all available bonus offerings, but making only smart choices. And to make those smart choices, they use a simple formula that show whether or not an offer has real value:

  • 100% – (wager*house edge)

Where 100% is the full amount of bonus; wager is the number of times players are required to playthrough bonus credits; house edge refers to the casino edge of a specific game that will be played to complete wagering requirements. If you get positive result then bonus offer is worth accepting, otherwise look for some other promos.

Let’s assume, for instance, that wager is 35x, and house edge for a selected slot machine is 3%. Using the formula we get: 100% – 35*3%=-5%. That means you’ll spend on average 5% more money to wager the bonus than the amount of bonus credits you get. Simply put, this isn’t lucrative bonus.

Even when accepting lucrative promos there’s still a great deal of gamble involved. Successful bonus hunting requires time, quite heavy investments, patience and clear mind. It can take long before players can record positive results. You just can never know how lucky you will get in the short run.

How to Earn as a Casino Affiliate?

Instead of trying to earn money as a casino player, you can partner with gambling operators and get a share of their profit. Online casinos all have affiliate programs that pay for new depositing players. It sounds easy, you just need to link to casinos and those who follow your link, sign up and deposit should earn you some money.

The problem is online casino affiliate market is very competitive and to make money you should invest lots of time, money and efforts.

Can Players Earn by Cheating in Casinos?

Bonus Abuse

Even though casinos are armed with multiple tools to prevent advantage play or any attack that would make gambling less random, they have some vulnerabilities. Bonus abuse is one of them. There are different opportunities to abuse bonuses, but most of the times players just create multiple accounts and claim the same bonus more than once, which isn’t allowed.

When considering this method, always remember that casinos won’t tolerate bonus abuse and are ready to take drastic actions to discourage such behavior. Casino won’t hesitate to punish those who break rules to earn money. Operators can cancel your bonuses and some of them go as far as confiscating player balances and blocking their accounts.

Buying Secrets to Cheating Casino

There are people who hold keys to casino vaults and are ready to share their secrets with others. Those who want to earn easy money cheating casinos can easily become their victims. They claim to know weaknesses of certain operators, but actually just want you to follow their affiliate link and lose money at unlicensed casinos.

Alternative Methods

There are other methods that can’t be defined as cheating and offer a chance of earning money, sector targeting in roulette is one them. Players use special devices that instantly calculate where a ball is likely to land. Since players do not interfere with casino equipment this option isn’t always considered illegal. But casinos will definitely ask you to leave.

Edge sorting is another advantage play technique for card players. Gamblers can spot tiny motif differences on the back of the cards and can make better decisions knowing value of these cards. Edge sorting can potentially earn players lots of money. Famous poker player Phil Ivey managed to win $10 millions using this technique. Unfortunately, casino didn’t pay him the money.


It is possible to earn money playing casino games. But it’s usually far more difficult than fortune hunters think. There won’t be easy money. Whether it’s bonus hunting, affiliate marketing or any other method, it requires investments, patience and persistence.

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