The Optimal Strategy for Playing in the Casino on NetEnt Software

I’m working on my website now so I’ll write a short article about how to play casino effectively, thereby increasing the chances of winning. With this strategy I won the largest amounts in my life. I can say for sure that this strategy works fine on NetEnt software, I won a lot at JoyCasino, but it does not matter, you can choose any room with NetEnt.

The essence of the strategy is quite simple. Suppose you have $300, which you want to play, I must say that this is not a strategy for small deposits, but for those who likes to play at high stakes.

So, we have $300 to play.

  1. Make a minimum deposit, usually it is $10 and play at a bet of $1, in a slot like Gonzo or any other, which is highly dispersive and with a good bonus game. We lose money.
  2. Make a deposit of $20 and play at a bet of $2, then make a deposit of $50 and play at a bet of $5-10.

What are we doing now? All casino software is built on a bulk of triggers, and we need to trigger the “give money” trigger! You all probably saw my win of $13,000.

Now the most interesting part!

Next, make a deposit of $100 and change the slot! I like to change to Space Wars or StarBurst, slots where you can win big without bonuses, just with 1 spin! We start to play at $5-10.

If you lose make a LAST deposit of $200 and play at $10-20. In general, you can play at $5 as well, I started to play bigger and enjoyed the game so I did not want to lower the bet.

At this stage you can win from $500 and higher, whatever the winning is – withdraw it immediately, if the machine wants to give money – it gives a lot, but there is no sense to play further!

If you lose you can make another deposit, but remember, after each deposit you need to double the amount of the deposit and the bet to catch the trigger.

Well, try it, you can make smaller deposits, like 5-10-20-30-50-100 etc., only rates too take less. I think you understand about the essence, the essence is to show the casino that you are in putty and at the moment when it gives !! – withdraw money! In any case do not continue to play further !!!! And then after the withdrawal – change the casino, do not have to go to play the same, you can come later.

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