The Main Thing I Understood After the Year of Playing Slots

Since the creation of this blog I wrote a bunch of articles and assumptions, some seems funny to read now, especially those about triggers of wins, etc., in general I decided to highlight the most important thing that I understood over the past year of playing slots.

1. The return in not dependent on a particular casino

If you play the licensed software, then it really does not matter which casino you play. It also does not matter what number of people are playing in this casino. For example, let’s take the industry leader at the moment – the software from NetEnt.

When you start the game (again, it does not matter in which casino) the whole process takes place on NetEnt servers! A casino is just a shell that accepts deposits, makes cashouts and gives bonuses. That’s all!

The main thing is to choose good, high quality casinos, which use the licensed software! In addition to licensed software there is a huge number of fake ones, mostly they make replicas of Novomatic slots (Book of Ra, Lucky Lady Charm, etc.) Actually, recently they started making replicas of NetEnt as well. Usually a casino with a fake slot is easy to recognize by the fact that it doesn’t have a full set of slots.

Ok, next thing, any slot machine from a GOOD developer has its own mathematical model. And to influence the return of the machine – no casino has such a power. It simply works and produces random values according to its own mathematics, and the most important indicator for every slot machine is RTP (return to player).

2. RTP is everything for us!

Unfortunately slots, and in general the casino itself is originally a losing and not profitable idea. The only way to be in the profit (at a short distance) is to maximize the dispersion, and also to play slots with the maximum expectation! Or, actually, with most negative expectation!

If you look at the first developers of slots, many of them were creating a fairly low return. The same famous slot of Book of Ra – only 94.26% RTP, meaning that the expectation is -5.74% and it’s AWFUL! In other words, the slot is bullshit fucking trash!

I generally don’t play slots with RTP lower than 96% for a long time and I would not advise it for you!

Here you may find RTP for all popular software providers:

In one word, the 100% leader in the RTP is NetNet, and indeed I think this software is the industry standard, although earlier I did not think so! So, in addition to the RTP there is such thing as volatility, you can also call it a dispersion level, etc. This is the ratio of the difference between maximum, medium and small payouts.

Let’s say some slot pours a lot of small payouts, and some does not pour small ones, instead it gives you a lot in bonuses or pays a lot for expensive symbols only. Besides this there is still such a concept as a slot cycle. For example, in DOA or Wish Master slots cycles are very long, you have to spin for a very long time and in short sessions you will not be able to win something, moreover, the RTP of the latter is 98%

In short, I’ll explain it in a redneck way. If the RTP of the slot is lower than 96%, you can forget about it. This is the minimum threshold.

Next, if you want to play long and at a low bet, choose slots with high volatility. But, actually, you will win very rarely in such cases.

For me the most effective way is to play at high stakes slots with low to medium volatility, I think everyone knows that my favorite slot in this direction is Space Wars , also I like the Bridesmates slot from Microgaming and slots like the Victorious and Dazzle Me From NetEnt.

In general, I think the only way to win and withdraw money is to play at a very high rate and not for a long time. The more I play, the more I lose and my math expectations going the way of the specified values.

Roughly speaking, if I spin the slot at one dollar, and the slot has 96% RTP, then each spin costs me a minus of 4 cents, 100 spins – 4 dollars, etc.

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