Payouts (RTP) In NetEnt Slots

If you play slots, then your success, first of all, depends on RTP (return to player) or, in other words, on the percentage of payouts.

Wins in slots depend solely on luck, here you can’t use any strategy to achieve an advantage over the casino, as it is possible, for example, in blackjack. You can only try to find slots with the highest payout percentages to get the maximum possible advantage.

What is the “Return to Player”?

The payout percentage is a theoretical statistical value that indicates how much of your betting will be paid as a winnings for a certain period of time in a particular game. We must understand that this is a long distance. Of course, at one spin you can lose, or, on the contrary, get the jackpot and win a lot of money, but at a long distance, for a large number of spins, the percentage of wins in relation to the number of bets will approach this value. And the longer the distance, the more accurate will be your winnings to the theoretical value of the payouts percentage.

Let’s analyze one example that would help us to see it clearly. For example, the slot you play has a payout percentage of 95%. You like this slot, and you play quite a lot. The total amount of your bets is about $1,000. In this case, your expected win at this distance will be $ 950, and this may be a series of small winnings or one or two large ones. That’s how, if to speak conditionally, the system of payouts percentage works.

The Percentage of Payouts and the Advantage of the Casino

We will not go into the statistics and mathematics on which payouts percentage is based, but we will try to understand how this affects the paytables for slot machines.

The paytable is a list of winning combinations that can fall on the reels, indicating the number of credits that must be paid out for the combination. To understand what specific amount you can win, you just need to multiply the payout for the combination by the cost of the credits you’re playing.

The paytable is calculated in strict accordance with the percentage of payments of a particular slot in order to give the casino a slight mathematical advantage from each bet that will allow the casino to always stay in profit at long distance. This advantage is embedded in the game system, and together with the paytable they form a percentage of payments, or RTP, which we are talking about. In simple words, the difference between the amount of bets and RTP is actually the advantage of the casino. If the percentage of payments is 95%, then the advantage of the casino will be 5%. Thus, at a long distance the casino takes 5% of each bet.

Does this mean that machines are “set up” and the game’s not fair? Not at all. The popping up combinations are absolutely random. Each symbol can fall instead of any other symbol. The result of a spin can’t be predicted in any way, it is accidental. The mathematical expectation of the casino is strictly tied to mathematical and statistical indicators, as in any other game against the casino.

Payout Interest Maximization

Despite the fact that there are no strategies to achieve a mathematical advantage over casinos when playing slots, there are ways to achieve the maximum return percentage and maximum chances of winning.

The first thing you should do is look at the percentage of payments (RTP) for specific games in your casino. Usually this information is easily accessible and presented either on a separate page for all games, or in the description of a particular slot. If the casino does not provide such information, use Google, because most slots are made by the same developers, despite the fact that they are represented in many different casinos. You will easily find games with the maximum payouts percent, and to help you, below I’ll give five slots from NetEnt ( with maximum return.

The second thing you should do is choose a good casino. Pay attention to the reputation of the casino in the forums, the availability of licenses, etc. Currently, there is a huge number of casinos online that don’t have licenses and certificates from regulatory authorities. Of course, the percentage of payouts in such questionable casinos can be significantly lower.

Third thing, what you should pay attention to is the maximum allowable bet. The higher the maximum possible bet is, the higher the percentage of payouts is going to be. Avoid playing slot machines with a low maximum bet limit, and choose those where the highest possible bet is really high.

And the last thing. Play to the maximum. Set the MAX BET. It does not matter, 5 credits by one cent or 10 credits by $ 10. The thing is that most machines, if they have a jackpot, issue this jackpot only when you play at the maximum bet. The jackpot “eats” a pretty extensive part of your mathematical expectation of winning, and by stopping yourself from the opportunity to win a jackpot, you take away a significant part of the slot machine payback.

Top 5 Slots from NetEnt with Maximum Payout Percent

Now that you understand the importance of the concept of RTP, I give you a list of five slots from NetEnt with the maximum payout percentage:

These slots have a really high percentage of payouts compared to others, so you should try them.

5 Worst Slots from NetEnt in Terms of the Payout Percent

Of course, you would not want to play slots with a small chance of winning, so don’t waste your time on these machines from NetEnt:

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