How To Play Online Slots the Right Way

So guys, I finally found my Holy Grail. I decided I understood how to play these evil machines. So, for example, let’s take the best slot developer at the moment – NetEnt.

In any slot from this company you can play, using demo coins, as well as for real money. Game for demo coins and game for real money are identical!

Also, in any slot there is the RTP figure available (the theoretical percentage of payout). To see it you can click on the “?” sign in the corner of the slot. Here is an example of how to check it in Space Wars:

That is, we will be extremely interested in slots with the highest RTP! For example, Sackers or Jack Hammer 2, which have an RTP of 98%.

How to play online slots and win: real tips

Second is a slot parameter called variability! For example, all the famous slots like Dead or Alive are slots with a very high variability level.

So, it would seem necessary to play such slots! But the truth is that you need to avoid slots with such variation as much as possible! And it’s all very simple. When the slot’s RTP is calculated, the probability of all possible combinations popping up is calculated as well, say in Space Wars it’s the full field of crystals, and in the DOA – the whole field of wilds…

So the higher the variability of the slot and the maximum winning combination – the more money are being swallowed by the slot and to win it is necessary to spin for a very long time, and this automatically pushes us into the minus! And slots with such variability swallow money for each spin very quickly! For example, it will not be 3-5% of the minus for the spin, but all 10-15%, until we choose a long distance, and a long distances are the most dangerous for us!

So the only possible formula for understanding how to play slots online (if you want to win big) is to play them with the highest RTP and low or medium variability!

For slots with low variability the rate should be 10% of our deposit, for medium – 5%. The figures are just examples… so that you could understand. These are the news, guys.

By the way, there is no difference whether you change the slot after you win, or you don’t. All events in slots have no memory.

Everything is easy, just like 2+2…

No, sure, if you just want to spend an evening, you can spin it long and boringly, but remember, at a long distance casino earns % from each bet. That is, if you play Space Wars with an RTP of 96.8%, then for each spin you pay the casino 3.2% of your bet. And the longer you spin- the more you pay. So, do not hurry up and find some time to learn how to play slots online.

P.S. In fact, the game in slots does not differ from the game in roulette or blackjack (in terms of mathematics and the probability of winning)

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