Big Bets in NetEnt

Six months ago I started playing with quite small bets. I mean, for example, that I deposited 100 bucks, won 200-300 and was withdrawing them.

Now I can make a deposit of 10,000… and play 100 with bucks for a spin .. and as soon as I started to play with big bets – I HAVE LOST A LOT OF MONEY! Two months ago I was somewhere around zero in the casino, but in the last 2 months I lost about $40,000 or even more (I don’t even want to count exactly).

So that’s it, guys! Never play with high bets in the casino! Especially in some kind of strange fucking NetEnt. NetNet in general is the most fucked up software from all that I saw!

Multiplication above x300 is RARE in its slots! Someone may say now about a fucking DOA, but fuck I have not seen that someone won x3000 in it at a bet of 9 bucks and above, I see only wins on the cheap shitty bets! In contrast to the same NextGen, where many saw large wins in 300 shields. And it does not matter whether there is a bet of $1 or $10! It multiplies well on any bet.

But fuck! Bloody NetEnt is fucked up! Remember my win the other day at 24k! I sat and analyzed, and so the slot betrayed me at a large bet – a little less than I poured in there before. At first I thought that the session is going on for 24 hours, but it seems to me that this is a complete bullshit and every account in the NetEnt gets its own story.

Maybe you’ll say I’m totally fucked by losing and random numbers generator is honest, but personally that’s what my opinion is. Random numbers generator is really random, but with testings! That is, when generating random combination, if it is TOO awesome, the software checks the combination with the history of the account … Personally, I already have paranoia because of this NetEnt. Well, but after winning in one slot, all the other slots become DEAD! And only in fucking NetEnt!

In short, I don’t know what’ there in terms of mathematics in this slots, but I generally advise not to play in NetEnt slots anyone, at more or less large bets. There is a feeling that the NetEnt is giving some winnings especially at small bets, or rather there exists some ratio of bets to the total number of bets.

That is, no matter you play with 100 bucks on the account or with a million, in general the currency is not important, it is important the ratio of the amount of coins you have on the balance to the betting ratio…

Okay, this post is not about that. It’s about getting a LARGE win, you don’t have to play at super big bets to get it. Sometimes 10 bucks can give you more than 100 bucks.

Personally, I decided for myself that I will no longer play at bets above 10 bucks in slots from NetEnt! And in general, fucking NetEnt is bloody piece of shit, fuck it with its Space Wars.

P.S. Guyz, I read many articles and generally the opinions of players, so in different software there is completely different game mathematics. It is clear that this mainly depends on the mathematics of each slot, but in fact each software has its own mathematics. But how can this be if the percentage of returns is everywhere the same.

In general, I have a persistent feeling that in addition to the random numbers generator (which really is a part of the licensed software) – there are still some add-ons for adjusting it during the game, or how to understand the difference when playing in different software?

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