Why You Can’t Win in the Casino

I decided to write this article after one review, but I won’t copy it here. In one word, a person won in casino and then, after playing several slot machines he writes that his luck is over and the casino has its limit for wins on one account, etc.

Actually, it’s all very simple. Guys, any win in the casino is already a miracle. How does online casino work? Everything is simple, there is a slot, it has mathematics, on average, the return of the slot is 95%. Playing one spin for one bucks you expect the return of 0.95 cents. 1000 spins per bucks – the expectation is minus 50 bucks.

How do you think, why casinos create wagering requirements from x40 and above. Everything is calculated mathematically! If the casino could control the winnings on each account, why were these wagerings created at all?

Accordingly, when we win and continue to play further, the probability of the next win significantly decreases. Although it is controversial, many people say that each spin is not a related mathematical event, but I categorically disagree.

In any case, even if you forget about all these little details, as well as what they do, even if the casino is absolutely honest and there is a full random, you’ll fall into the minus. INTO THE MINUS, MAN!

Game in the casino can be perceived only as entertainment, and for every entertainment you have to pay. You want to fuck a chick – pay, you want to eat – pay. Why the hell do you think that you can win something?

Yes, there are exceptions when a person registers and wins a lot of money, or plays and wins in every casino during the whole month. Yes, it can be possible, but these are extremely rare events. The truth is that lately the mathematics takes its own – and people lose everything they have won and even more.

You can still talk a lot on this topic, but you just need to understand that IF YOU’RE PLAYING IN THE CASINO, YOU LOSE MONEY! In general, guys … you all perfectly understand all this, just stop writing that the casino is deceiving you, twisting accounts, stealing your 10 bucks, etc … understand that they do not need to cheat, you choose this path and give your money…

REMEMBER. GAME IN THE CASINO = LOSS OF MONEY. Stop thinking that you make a deposit, win and solve the problem. Yes, 1 time out of 100 you will get it, and so what? Then in any case you will lose everything.

The approach to playing in a casino should be the same as approaches to online games. You will not give all your money to play some kind of stupid game, right?


Finally, I finished the post, now I can tell you the truth. In fact, this is a standard post, that can be seen on every site. Personally, I think that all casinos are rigged, though how they do it I still do not understand. I hope to find it out xD

Otherwise, how can I play in profit, according to the theory that I wrote I should always finish in minus. But in fact I see that in the Novomatic, for example, all newcomers with newly created accounts get lucky MUCH more than guys with old accounts, well, and many other coincidences. On the one hand, as all write – the bet does not affect the algorithm of the slot, on the other – all of them had that often NetEnt, for example, refuses to pay a lot in big bets, although this is again explained by the fact that they give a lot on small bets, but damn it, when you constantly spin the slot and the slot keeps the balance and pays always in bonus, just a little less than what you won.

In fact, I read the article that a person is ALWAYS, or rather our brain is always looking for a regularity, when it is not there. A month ago I was sure about the trigger of bad habit in NetEnt, then many times I tried to repeat it – and there was a fucking bullshit. Now I think the best strategy is to deposit a large amount and spin with small bets. That is, if earlier I would have deposited 5+100+200+300+500… Now I would just have deposited all the money that I have and played at a bet with a reserve of 300 bets.

What’s a conclusion? Play ONLY in casinos that use licensed software and don’t fool yourself. I am already tired of looking for patterns, now I’m more and more confident that the casino is stupidly random and there is no set up. Though often my brain thinks differently, but our brain is our enemy. Yesterday I lost one grand, today I feel terrible, then I won 500 bucks in a week from 50 and I consider myself to be the king of slots, and I’ve already forgotten that I lost a full grand – that’s how we always think.

By the way, affiliate helped me to understand the fact that randomness is real in the casino. Since the creation of the site a lot of affiliates are in minus, that is, players have won more than they deposited, for example, in JoyCasino one player won $20k, several more players won $2-3k in total, and total month minus from affiliates is $26k, and there are a lot of players, that’s not a statistics of 2-3 players.

Well, all of you remember big wins in Redstar, where people with 100 bucks raised 20k and 30k bucks in 300 Shields. Then I wrote a letter to the manager, asked him if they really deposited so much into these slots that so large winnings were given, and I received an answer that even 10% of these sums were not deposited.

In Novomatic the situation is completely different. Usually all newcomers in the affiliates there will benefit greatly, and then all of them slowly lower their deposits.

In short, fuck, I personally don’t know what’s going on, I need to finish my post, but I never got to the logical conclusion XD The main thing is to know that the casino is profitable only to itself and not to players, and the randomness is not really a randomness – everyone decides for himself!


I’m still playing slots. In my gambling career I saw a bunch of people who TRIED or STILL TRY to win in such games as roulette, build their own strategies and are sure that they can beat the system. And they are constantly without money, but everyone is trying to impose some kind of cool “system”.

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