Why do You Need to Play in Different Casinos?

I wanted to discuss this topic earlier, or rather not even the topic, but the strategy. I will not write too much, no details, I’ll just give clear arguments why do you need to play in different casinos, for example we take 10 different casinos and play there, and here are the reasons.

1. You can register and receive bonuses for the first deposit

I think everything is clear here, if we play in a good casino, then there are usually good bonuses for the first deposit, thanks to which you can raise good money.

2. Happy and unhappy accounts

It happens so, you opened an account in one gaming room, and only losses come on your way, in the other room you often win. Therefore, you need to make a lot of accounts and choose the most lucky ones, I don’t know exactly how it works, but I’m sure there is some account grading and random sampling on them, who will win and who will not

3. New accounts are often granted with winnings

This is certainly not a fact, but purely from my experience I can say that when creating a new account, especially when you take the bonus for the first deposit, there is a chance that it will be lucky session.

4. Don’t put all eggs in one basket

Let’s say we have 500 bucks and there are 10 different accounts in the casinos, it’s better to put 50 in each, than to deposit all you have in one account only.

5. Bonuses and gifts from the casino

Perhaps this is the most important point, after the one about the bonus on the first deposit, because when we make deposits in the casino, and then do not play there for a long time – the casino constantly sends various offers, such as bonuses for a second deposit, no deposit bonuses, free spins, and just gifts. I made a lot of mistakes in this term when I blocked myself in different casinos, where I could have good money without even making more deposits, because I was always sent all sorts of free spins and bonuses.

6. The best is matter of degrees

Until you play in a large number of casinos, you will not understand which casinos are really cool, and which ones are not, even if they use the same software, agree that it’s much more pleasant to receive cash from casino games in half an hour than in several days! And some casinos don’t cashout on Saturday and Sunday.

I can also write a few reasons more, but looks like I stated all the main points, in my opinion we just need to take a list of top-end casinos, and it is desirable to play in a casino with English-speaking management. We make accounts in all these casinos, we write down everything in a separate file, something like a diary – and play in a circle, eventually we have constant bonuses and profits and use new accounts where we can get advantages.

I personally don’t understand people who play in one casino all the time, I think they are just too lazy to register in new casinos, although it’s a big mistake! Personally, on my experience a new account in the casino almost always gave a profit, during the wagering of the bonus!

p.s. As a bonus I’ll give several casinos, where you should open an account, if you have not played there yet: Casino-X, Guts, JoyCasino, VideoSlots, Mr Green, RedStar, JetBull, 32Red, CasinoLuck, 3Dice, maybe I missed something, in future I’ll make the rating of the casinos with my description and the possibility of your evaluation of casinos, if you know some really cool casino, where players constantly receive all sorts of bonuses – write in the comments!

Yes, I almost forgot, always create a separate email for the casino, it is even better to buy a separate SIM card if you constantly play, because in many casinos you need to enter your phone number and you will be bothered by calls and spam!!

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