Why Do We Lose?

Over the past few days I’ve blown up a lot of money. Again. And at the very beginning I thought, “well, I’m not going to lose a lot”, but still lost a lot xD. I’ve concluded that losing money is much more unpleasant than winning them. It would seem that everything is logical, but I mean emotions.

Look at the situation. Let’s say you have $1,000. You decide to play $100 in the casino. For example, you won another $100 from this $100, but what is $100? There’s almost no joy in winning it… you continue to play further. There is already 1k on the balance, and then you lose them all…

It would seem that you lost only $,100, but the majority in this situation will think that they lost $1,000 and will again deposit and try to win it back.

Okay, even if we immediately lose our deposit of $,100, we are immediately covered by the feeling “WHAT THE FUCK, I need to return my $100 right now”, and again you got all the fucked up stuff…

It turns out that at the moment when we make a deposit – it’s already a loss, because in most cases we will lose.

Therefore, all the time the casino sends out letters with various deposit bonuses offers, even small ones. It’s no secret that after making a deposit of $,10, you can easily lose all the money you have…

All the talks that you need to limit the deposits, limit nets, etc are complete bullshit. It’s simple, either you play or not. If you play – you think you are already losing ..

You can by the way lose even without a deposit, often casinos send all sorts of bonuses and free spins … Our brain works very strange in this case. We are MUCH, 100 times harder feel our loss than dream about things we don’t have.

Imagine that you won the jackpot, and then you casino just decided not to give you your payout. That is, if you cut out a moment from your life, then, in fact, nothing has changed at all, but in the example with the jackpot most of the people think they will go crazy and will think about their theoretical winnings all the time, and many will not even be able to live normally anymore…

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