Why do I Play Casino

Over the past 10 years, the game has acquired a certain format for me: I play, I don’t play and I quit. I don’t want to talk about the last option, I can say only shit about it. I really seriously quitted and I thought it’s exactly two times and in total for twenty percent of all my gaming time.

This was when real casinos were closed and after a good, really big loss it is became possible. I noticed that certain circumstances contributed to my desire to play or not to play.

When you got money you want more

Call it greed or unwillingness to work, as well as lack of patience and as a consequence, a desire to get results here and now.

A simple example. I open a business, I don’t have guarantees that it will ground good and start generating profits, not losses. This is also a risk! And marriage? What is not a lottery? Where are the guarantees that your investments will not be lost in the future when you divorce? You may give your wife 50% of everything you have! Why should I wait until my nano mattresses start bringing money? And again taxes, inspections, firefighters. In general, it’s a hard work, you know, just by the fact that we need to work at all, but no one is insured against the risk. That’s why such morons like me show their businessman talent in spinning slots for money.

If in the case of business you lose a valuable resource – time, nerves, money, and in a case of gambling you lose only money. The truth is that it also takes time to earn money, but investments give the result almost immediately. At the moment I’m talking about the will to fucking do nothing and still get money. Casino is a short-term business for lazy people. Of course, I will better play roulette, where the casino’s advantage is a miserable 2.7%, than I will invest mountains of years and tons of money in the industry. The casino seduces with the fact that you do not need to have starting capital and mental abilities. Easy money for every moron, communism for the poor. Don’t think, I’m in no way agitating to play casino.

Business is such a thing, it’s been a year I quit my last job. Well, how did I leave? They told me – oh, you son of a bitch, asshole, we hate you, get fucking out of here. Just kidding, it was made without emotions at all. My boss was in federal wanted list for two month already and the amounts there were really scary, ten-digit, well, its business, you know XD

Next reason – no money

I’m not talking about people who are trying to find some food at least, day by day, for not having the opportunity even to buy themselves bread. “No money” is a rather blurry concept. For some, it’s when you can’t buy last version of iPhone and other queer shit, for others – painful mortgages and loans that you’re tired to pay, others simply want to live like in a TV shows, so they live in slots.

You get 100k, you give 80k for debts – you do not have money but you want to buy BMW, go to Hawaii – no money, and small town is not Hawaii, your father’s car is not your own BMW. It happens that there are no money at all, but it fundamentally changes the matter. Usually people in such cases say – “I quit”. And I believe them, not to play guitar because of the lack of strings is a great thing.

Why did I quit playing slots?

On mornings I was never visited by the thought like “fuck I live so awful life, slots are bullshit, I will not play, masturbation is bad”. No, after the bays I thought so, but when having money on my pocket and not losing the next day’s salary, I didn’t have such crazy thoughts.

I had enough reasons to quit gambling. I will give you some of them:

  • I was mentally tired or the quality of life decreased extremely. This is when you go outside and feel shock, chics go alive, you need to buy clothes, etc. You want to be like everyone else, to have a minimum of household stuff: beer, chics and movies, family and other fucking shit.
  • Financial exhaustion – the accumulated burden of problems in the form of loans. When your monetary reform has turned into a bubble and no salary can afford to keep the bank interest, and, depressing is the fact that every month there is less and less money for gambling, and you no longer can receive a loan.
  • Fucking wailing – a special desire to quit, when you wanted to start a family, and had some global plans for life. But now there are no plans, like it were before, fuck! I do not plan my life more than for three months ahead. Because of such an incomprehensible situation, of course I will play again, I’m fucking irresponsible guy.

A special category is when they fuck your brains. Collectors – unique motherfuckers, they will find even the dead guy. And what if a girlfriend or a wife fucks your brain?

There are two variations, the worst, when a woman is not a human, but a tyrant who calls you an asshole, a piece of shit, anything, but not by name. Pay attention to one of the search queries for my site

Passive gambler shmuck – how much hatred and contempt are there in these words XD By the way, I advise for the sake of interest to check out the history of internet visits of your lady, you can learn a lot about yourself or about her. How often do we live with a monster without noticing it. This version of the women – the most common, and every honorable ludomaniac, not burdened by the bonds of children and marriage, will immediately tell her come on you fucking slut, shot the fuck up! Actually, you can even blame her for your game and fuck her brains emotionally. Usually it’s enough to a kick their butt, but often the fuck off themselves.

Another option is much more complicated, it’s my case. A normal woman comes, she understands you, trusts, waits, gives the last chance, the tenth chance, and you do not justify her trust. She does not even need to yell at you, you’ll kick yourself on your back. And you feel Pangs of conscience and self-flagellation. Of course, such behavior makes me angry, and I want to provoke aggression, to give reason for the for me to answer her with a yell too.

That was it, no other extraneous factors could make me stop playing. Even the loss of large amounts did not discourage the desire, it rather inspired to win backp.

It would be right to divide ludomaniacs into types: young, experienced, conscious and stupid, poor and rich, and it’s not different people, it’s all you, just in different stages. The question is in experience, or rather in the price paid for it, and it is worth its money.

A year ago I thought I quit; two years ago I wanted to quit for the sake of my chic and my family; five years ago, too, there were reasons not to play, but now there are no plans, I don’t care at all. I am my own king. I want to – I play, I don’t want – I don’t play.

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